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Could happen in today's nfl action what did happen in the college football landscaping universe and more of that today it's a big day of course suits week seventeen ah of the nfl season so we'll know the nfl playoff picture it'll be sets as soon as the day is over college football we've got our playoff games chill laura were locked and loaded aaron taylor twotime all american at notre dame is going to join us coming up here in about fifteen minutes from now we'll get his thoughts saw the college football playoff games tomorrow all so we've got todd firm and our vegas virtuoso who will join us next hour here on the show and everything walltowall about the bull fees in the and the nfl playoff picture as always we love to get you guys involved of the shows to hit me up at eight five five two one two four cbs if you've got thoughts on anything going onto the football world eight five five at two one two four two two seven or on twitter you could of course connect with b d a on cbs remember the show you can watch as well we've got the simulcast going on for sunday morning football this is the first year we've done it but we've done it all season long and so check it out take us with you wherever you go 'cause it's mobile friendly so if you've got stuff going on today could take us from room to room in the house from out to the garage in the backyard into the front yard in a car wherever it is that you are going either by watching us it watch a dot com or using any of the apps to listen to us include the cbs sports app where we have so much to get to this morning if so i don't go any farther without kicking things off with your sunday gunslinger.

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