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It was like wow what a what. What a look at that and the stare lunge. They may not know how to do. I think god. I get why that would be totally helpful. Lake get going but yeah it was awkward to watch for sure. Should we be. Yeah so they're just walking around so it was like six. Am that she started. Having contractions and then she didn't have any like uptick in contractions for like twenty four hours So awful. I know the next day at six. Pm that he Fuck what's his name took jake. I was looking at jill's name. And i was like gills. Iot jill jill joseph. Yes so he took her to the hospital and updated everyone and so she labored there for ever. It was so awful. I like i felt really bad lauren. And then she had another kid not yet now. She likes she had to get. She tried to get an epidural. And it didn't work. And so she had to get another epa daryl in that didn't work and they kept trying to do different things to make things go farther. 'cause she was like eight centimeters stuck there and she was like almost there. She was eight centimeters for twelve hours. That is crazy. Because i think usually i mean i'm not an expert but i think usually like once you get to that point. It's pretty quick like those last couple centimeters. I think usually are a little bit quicker than like the middle ones to get through. All the doctors were there already and everything like they. Don't call them the dog ready. Let's go time and that's like twelve hours. She's still just having bad back pains and of course she's having back labor which probably is my inventory. All didn't work a little baby head. Compresses your fucking spinal nerve. Yep hurts i can imagine. Yeah i can't imagine But eventually they gave her some petrosian Which finally helps her progress. The last little bit that she needed to progress yardley gary potential or may drug knocked her out to thank god. Let her sleep. Because she'd been up for like forty eight straight hours or something she still has to deliver this baby too so she should get some rest while she can. Yeah all of them has like the next day. And it's you have to care for your first baby rate. Yeah exactly it's not like you get you get a break afterwards but finally beautiful miracle is born just called her beautiful every time because they just kept talking about that. That's her like what's her name. Bella what's your middle name milagro beautiful miracle and i'm like yeah i yeah whatever. I'm sorry i don't like it. I don't either. I whatever i don't I hated that when she looked at the second baby. She tested his lips and said got your daddy's big lips. Yeah i wanted to die the way she said it to. It was almost like making fun of joe cya. I don't even know it was almost like the like the tone she was like. Oh you got your dad's fucking big as lips. God damn it like yeah. Babies born This baby in particular looks kind of like an alien to me that may become an out with messy messy baby like we just watched kinder's they become out and that baby. It looked like regular baby. This was like upsetting debut. I guess i don't even know maybe all the all. The labor churned up so much so many liquids in their sorry. That was really bad. I get ya. I i was thinking the same thing but i just didn't wanna like trust. One process it yes All right so the last little bit of this episode were back at it again with family fun night and this week since it's right around the holidays. They are making gingerbread houses and ginger. Jeremy are going to join via video chat and they're they're getting used to the video chat before covid good for them and they have some news that they want to share with the family. I wonder wonder what it could be. other moving to la. They're moving to la they're pregnant and so they are going to make a pregnant gingerbread man and yeah it was cute get ginger turner and pregnancy reveals that we've had in the past two seasons. I think this was the least bad i agree. It wasn't that bad went with it too because it wasn't like let's do this like it was already something that they were seeming to do. And they're like. Let's do something while we're there which is fine and it wasn't like joy in austin. Remember when they like paused the video. That has nothing to do with it. I don't know like you were given a presentation moment. And so you said late. Look at this pregnant at this ginger. It takes forever for anyone to recognize this. Gingerbread man is pregnant. And i think it's 'cause like it's on video chat. It's kinda hard to like. See the dimensions of this pregnant belly. The gingerbread woman. Yeah there's like gone forward in time and had ginger ginger some that'd be like be there to babies in this picture exactly. That would be better probably in terms of like visually in no preparation. This was the most operation we've ever seen from them pressure for sure yep All of gingerbread houses were dumb but Some of them behind but i did like that The one that janna and jim bob was working on. That just wouldn't stay together and john is trying to bring it up to show jin jeremy after they've liked tried to hold it together the second time and it just goes falls over right on camera. It was amazing. Ginger got a lot of joy from that because the ass schadenfreude after sister drops yes. I sure.

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