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L. Pini Neither. The beanbag or tasers stopped him so he was shot six times Al painting was hospitalized and, later charged with attempted murder resisting. A police officer and domestic violence his ex wife survived her injuries Marcos, did Thomas KNX ten. Seventy NewsRadio a plane crash, in Santa Ana his claimed five lives there was a distress call put out by the pilot of the twin engine Cessna on its way into John Wayne airport before, it crashed into a crowded CVS parking lot near south coast plaza not one person on board. Survived, after the plane hit the ground. And crashed into a car obviously tragedy five people lost their lives Nobody on the ground was injured OC fire captain Tony bomber says it's miraculous nobody. In the shopping center lost. Their life it's busy parking lot the FAA is looking into the instant while NTSB investigators are trying to figure. Out the cause of the crash the plane is registered to a San Francisco based company and was flying into Orange County from the East Bay area. Cooper Rummell KNX ten seventy. NewsRadio students at Cal State Northridge are still very shaken up by the arrest of a fellow student for a series, of sexual assaults on and off campus. Over a period of more than. A year some of them are echoing calls by police for any other victims to come forward, and tell their stories one student. Tells CBS too it's important for everyone on campus to know that sexual, assaults will not be. Tolerated and victims can get, help the one thing that we don't want to do is try and sweep these issues under the rug because they are major issues and they are happening the arrested, student nineteen year old Davis Marino highway is well known on the on campus because he was. A, featured. Player on the soccer team A pit bull that attacked a two year old child at home in riverside two years ago. Has gone after an even younger child in.

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