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Lot of yeah my stick around for the next a lot of guys Edel one welcome you bring your own so this I deeply apologize so that was really an visit lacks I I that would scare me I think I that's why I think I'm going to do even I think I would be scarred forever if I was taking up to a spaceship and more than just physical all yeah I we couldn't be I couldn't be any more scared than I already am yeah come handy you don't think you would be you would be fundamentally changed if not for the call is back to normal just the gratitude level all right you made it through you live to tell I would be just a whole gosh I would never be able to sleep again I would be afraid that ET would be in a room you know I mean waiting for me slash a finger hi snowy to probe that's why it's the grass a flashlight on it you've been waiting with bated for here's how to realize why you need to see what's going on up there hello what is happening right there yeah this is interesting it looks like in Turkey and.

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