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He can help you out a deal. You know so it was pretty fun. It's pretty it is a pretty amazing though. Go back to four mark. I totally agree the best goldeneye. I can't even tell you. How many like four split screen. You say that you like someone you know you. Buddy has at a big screen. At that time. It was like the big massive flat screens or the big screens. You get like oh. Let's go play it on then you your your spot. Kill each other. That and mario kart the battle of mario kart. That was something that i remember doing a lot. But yeah that it's been it's been it's been the venture over here but no hope we're hoping fingers crossed a week from tomorrow closing so we'll see How that goes so. You'll know at this time every single we every week. It's a new one. So i get a new closing date. So oh yeah. I know odd job by the way. Hol- piss everyone off because you couldn't shoot them us too low. The natural like aim was go over his head. I exactly what exactly my favorite was an eyeing on mark. You're going to have to help me with this. It was when he did the battle. And you did the oh. The the level with a bunch of different the project not A bunch of doors could hear like shut opening and closing all the time and people go in and out and then we would do like the. We'd always do the mines. They proximity mines which was always fun. Because you get pissed because you can't see them that silver Like covering so you could never see them so anyways. Everybody's listening to this year the love and this conversation. You're hating it so we'll get. We'll get into some horse racing here in the second mark. I'm seriously waiting for you to give me that answer. I let's let's get to today's show. And i'll poverty if he gives us an answer on today's show. We're gonna preview the six hundred k. stephen foster stakes at churchill downs. They were going to read i of some of the remaining stakes actions we weekend build on park churchill. Downs and this'll churchill downs on saturday race. Eleven the stephen foster stakes grade two or six hundred k for four year olds and up going one way. Eighth miles is a breeders cup event. Here's putting your in challenge race win and you're in the breeders cup classic in the horse looking to do that right here. Four to five morning line favorite number eight. Max filled very heavy fair. We have to have favorites. The ford elise. We'll talk about here a little bit in rapid fire to breeders cup challenge races too heavy favorites at four to five. Max filled really should win this race. I mean if you lose this race here your top. Contender is six three six. Two one is a silver does warriors charge and visit of course maximum wiped. You know just killed that. Whereas last time so max ville to me is i mean horses. Lost wants has got to win here right. Yeah i certainly just don't see how he's going to be unless he just doesn't show up in. It's not a situation. I still am not like completely sold. Max feel like a- primetime readers kept classic contender. But how does he lose to the sources. If he does how do you go forward him thinking. He's any kind of like elite prospect. At all like to me. I looked at. This is like okay. I think the biggest chance of him losing his either like us to jess not great pretty inconsistent horse or what if like warriors charge goes gate to wire on him because he does look like they have a pace advantage. But we're charges been freddie shitty for a while now right if we're being honest love him but he hadn't been good. I mean he certainly shouldn't be max will. This looks like locked to me. Like i think max built wins this thing easily. It's hard to really come up with like other than like you're saying the fact that he just doesn't just plain and simple fire. Max filled this hard to come up with scenario that he doesn't doesn't win here. I mean really the way the ray sets up i mean he should be able to. You know i guess the one thing if you want if you wish they had any kind of confidence and worse charge because he looks like he's gonna be the load speed. Of course. I'll ask you about that. Of course you needed him to to advance didn't get. Nhc see you need him to win and he missed the break and never ran step and so you know it's hard to kind of get have confidence that he's gonna do that. I'm sure for you. You're done your way done with them. but he you know from a pay standpoint if he breaks he should have an easy lead to himself right. Yeah there's no doubt about that. And and really. He's never had any trouble breaking other than the day that he's loan. Loan leader in a mile at lone star park in a grade three race and if he wins i make like five thousand dollars and get a seat on the day and didn't break very well so and not better now though. Yeah so horse. Named mo- mosa one. So i think he could have held off mo- mosa if you had decent trip there but he's got a hold of max field here so listen honestly. I do think the voice will get in front. I do think the hersal turned for home ahead. I just don't think he's good enough to hold off maximum even if he would have won the sex and mile less time out i would have that same feeling was not really hard feelings for me. It's just. I've got a pretty good gauge. On the talent warriors charge in. It's not good enough to be..

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