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Your radio like a supercharged nanoparticle unobtainable. Greetings from the boldest body. Most outrageous city in the world, the planetary capital of sun, fun sin sex and secrets my not so humble hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada. When George snappier occasional host designated driver of the airwaves and moderator up. Tonight's upcoming communist cavalcade conversation. Feels like an excellent night to be up inside a cubbyhole somewhere. Maybe toss a log on the fire state, cozy stay warm if you're driving somewhere in through the darkness turn the heat up a notch. Make sure your seatbelt buckled because we're embarking on this journey together. And by the way, before you ask the answer is yes, yes. I have already put in. In a call to Jose Canseco. And yes, I do plan to ask him if I can tag along on one of his planned excursions defined Bigfoot. Did you hear about this or mentioned on social media a couple of newspaper stories that a little while back? Jose Canseco is a colorful guy, of course, he became famous as one of the bash brothers with the Oakland as a man could crush a baseball. Since retiring from major league baseball, though, he's lived here in Las Vegas and back. We are neighbors not next door neighbors. But he's a couple of blocks away on the eastern edge of the valley here Hugh box from where I live at this time. And I don't know how serious can is about hunting Bigfoot, but he put out an ad asking for people who would be willing to come along on his excursion to go squashing. It's pricey though. It's thousands of dollars. I don't remember the exact amount but pretty expensive. And his message said serious inquiries only. I mean, my inquiry was serious selves like the story either way. So I called up to message waiting for the phone for a response. And I'll see if he calls back, and maybe maybe he will wanna come on coast to coast for a couple of minutes to talk about it. We have a cool program lined up for you tonight in the first half magic real magic not movie magic. But Harry Potter wizardry. Not the David Copperfield Siegfried and ROY type illusions or Las Vegas sleight of hand. Actual magic. Doctor dean Radin is brilliant. And Sirius scientists to attorneys out has been studying magic for forty years without realizing he says, not only is magic real not only is it all around us. But it is in all of us. We've all got it. We all have the ability to make things happen that for all intents and purposes are magical, and he says he can prove it scientifically clinically verifiably. He's got the data to make that case. Dr Raden has been on the forefront of Cy research. For decades is one of the world's foremost authorities on parapsychology, I had the pleasure of meeting him an interview him interviewing years ago for television when he lived and worked here in Las Vegas. And I've looked forward to resuming the con. Conversation tonight. We have them here to talk about his research and book real magic. It's terrific and fun and a little spooky then in the second half tonight. One of my fellow journalists. The guy who is dialed in to black projects classified weapons military secrets tech jets airplanes warplanes weapon systems and platforms. You name it. Tyler rogue away has managed to gain the trust of insiders military, folks. Former and current he's got access the places and people and can give us insight into what our government and other governments have or don't have that includes perspective on the Morris. Exotic topics that we touch on on this program from time to time we have a lot of ground to cover with both guests, and I can't wait to start. By the way, I wanted to say thanks to the folks who organized the conscious life expo in Los Angeles expo organizers were very gracious hospitable. Our friend and colleague, George Noory was one of the main attractions at this. Years event. He and Tom Dan Heiser were represented as the youngster say they put on a couple of events at the expo that were wildly popular. And while my focus for my visit was talking to some of the UFO related speakers. It's pretty clear based on the lineup of other speakers and topics at this event that the lines have sort of been blurred between subjects that maybe the nuts and bolts UFO folks would have avoided in years past at a consciousness meditation. Call it inner space there isn't much reluctance. I think to consider the big picture these days breaking down these invisible barriers between what seemed like different strata of this satiric, topics. We've touched on breaking down those barriers here and there on this program. But maybe we have to focus on that little bit more intensely in the future. Our webmaster Gregg.

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