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Had Fred from Lambert bill on the phone a little while ago with a question about where he could buy speak clean Denny from Toledo thinks you know somebody in this area that's real close to Fred who's in Lambertville I mean Danny thanks for calling in how may we help you anywhere you can help us yeah I couldn't help that gentleman from Lambertville yeah it was real close to Toledo enters a to Rozier's and illegal that just opened up annual street you should know exactly what I'm talking about in Sylvania so is there ten it's a it's a lot it's a lot closer than mineral so there's two da Rocha stores that apparently because out here at WSBT all the time the love that's good anywhere very nice very nice if you have an and one more comment if I may sure there is above calls with these garbage disposals I've been a plumber for forty years so it's like you get these garbage disposals now that have that removable rubber capital to keep this stuff from spewing up yes an inmate they'll remove just you pull them out like a stopper you can clean that rubber real good because that's where a lot of the fungus comes from that's true yes and okay days that's very nice of you thanks for joining thanks for listening to us thank you my friend my welcome take care call is from Mary Beth this city is west Bloomfield and a question about washer dryer good morning merry death thanks for calling and how may we help you hi so after many failed BMC washer dryers we gotta speak we and at the delivery man put it in and he's like I'll never see you again you'll never have any problems we've had three the service calls and our speed queen washing machine and the store we bought it from is they're jerks there are helpful and told me to call the manufacturer and the manufacturer tells me I have to deal with the store but nobody's ever heard of this but he promises to be green and basically it easily comes off kilter it stands like it becomes unbalanced so is that the only problem that's only if they came out and there was some part said they had the the file that there was a error in that in the manufacturing of it but we continue to have problems you G. always speak green white can I go directly to them and hello my outlaw alignment or what well you know I've been doing this for thirty eight years on radio what you're gonna say and it's not often I hear but listen I tell people everything is not perfect god is the only one that's perfect in my world okay and everything is not perfect when it's manufactured by man so there are things that happen and I'm not going to excuse speed queen but I'm going to ask you a question yes Sir where is the washing machine on a first floor laundry room or in the basement first for now what did you have there before and did it vibrate no no eight and it's not vibrating when I put up when I load it and I were at a point where I'm the only one who will do it wash because I had to load it very carefully but when we load it like say we watch she if it's something that's not heavy it will literally move six to nine inches from where is station all right how old is the house the house is probably twenty years old all right I'm going to tell you years at twenty years history of selling at washing machine called Maytag when they made the best machine ever made and and and speed queen is a big copy of that as far as I'm concerned but I'm gonna tell you a story that happened to me all maybe three four times a year I would sell a consumer I do Maytag washing machine my sons would deliver and they delivered it to perfection it was leveled with the level of the whole ball of wax the legs were locked in place and the machine would vibrate and the consumer would call and say Hey I don't want this machine I'd say well that's no problem so I would take a brand new washing machine out to the home and I would say to them look if this machine vibrates and shakes and so forth like your other one just did I'm not coming out with another new washing machine I am going to come out my boys are going to come out and they're going to take your washing machine from the laundry room and put it on the sidewalk outside or the driveway and turned it on and if it does it vibrate on the driveway then I know what's wrong in the consumer would say I say it's your floor now okay it's true that the the floor construction has got to be solid especially with the new high speed spinning washing machines made today much quicker much faster than in the past so I'm gonna ask you to think about the floor now what do people do well you gotta get underneath that floor and shored up throw some timbers and they're nailing me in place make the floor stronger than it is now L. trust me when I give you that story it happened three four times a year and I was never shy about taking new washing machine out there and replacing it for the consumer but that was the way I did business and I've made a lot of friends being that way so I'm sat is acts that's excellent advice that I can do you do that and then calm he back all right Mary Beth thanks so much for calling whole Lotta Shakin going on this is David next Joe from commerce township with a Gen error question hello David thanks for calling and how may we help you well what about ten years ago we remodeled the kitchen and we put all Jan their appliances and and I was never heard you mention the name and I wondered if we've had no problems with any of the appliances but I just wondered what your opinion is of that objet air yes in my opinion is very good of Gen there the only thing I had a problem with Jenner in the past is you know they have that cook job where they suck in the air you can barbecue on the cooktop and so forth you you know what I'm talking about yes I do well I had problems with consumers who complained about the grease factor in their cupboards and on the glasses from that type of cookware or type of cookie that's about the only complaint I ever had about Jenner well that sounds good yeah well you just keep your fingers crossed that they last a lot longer and you'll be better off in the pocket division hello yeah thank you very much thank you David for calling appreciated very much Northville check in and Joe this is sandy with a question regarding a washer dryer hello sandy thanks for calling our name the morning you how are you I'm a hundred percent thank you good I I I need to buy a new washer and dryer the ones that I had before distance service meant that don't even bother investing they will whirl pool but anyway now I'm you're buying a new one and I'm trying to be a bit find out which one should I buy and make category he cleans and I need one that's twenty seven inches and and it would be an educator I think I need to ask you cater for better clean and I wonder what you think well I think you should take a drive to Chelsea Michigan John Chelsea Michigan uhhuh it's not far I know I used to live in Northville I know okay I know how far it is in Chelsea Michigan right here there's a store there called hide lawful clients right on the main site on the main street as you drive through Chelsea it's right in the same parking lot as you see the big jiffy you know flower the company jiffy yeah yeah well you just look for the jiffy towers and pulled into that parking lot and you go in there and talk to the people at Hyde lawful clients and they will send you first of all they're going to give you an education on how to shop for a major home appliance and every thing they will tell you will be honest they will give you the fax they'll give you the positive the negative you will walk out of there with an education on buying an appliance that you may have never received in the past and you go in there they're they're not open on Sundays but they are open today I believe till four but if you have a pencil I'm going to give you their phone number is seven three four area code okay four seven five five one two two one okay then you call me back and let me know what happened to you I will thank you so much for calling you're welcome take care bye the Taylor deposit the action pay the rent come back with more information on major home.

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