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Nelson is a guard guard guard oh yeah yeah aimed alway he's moving out to tack no and then what do you do your kind of like you're good at guard you've got mcgovern right that's going to be playing this year and then you have no sin and then you leery so you're right you're solid guard like even now if you don't get nelson on tackle you're looking at would um watson and then your favorite stevenson so the misfy guy anita tackle they let you need to tackle that it morning older comes they're all bets are off like if nate solder gums i have cool with the offensive line the way it is so i would say i don't know if you can pass on bradley job afiza five you know what i mean while and that'll be the thing are they gonna hold on to a shine ray while did you see have you i know you guys don't do answer have you guys seen the pictures of shane ray this you go on formby smoke though he ways like two hundred pounds now accorded adam schefter the packers have informed cornerback to marius randle that he is being treated cleveland everyone goes to cleveland everywhere they got a million up all its wa this is interesting you know um you got on dorsey is the general manager of of the cleveland bruin that asks weird questions at the combine right yeah so not nine dairies guys questions baker mayfield death quietly who trucks m john doors see i just wanna bring it back to everyone's attention uh uh was the gm for all white historic nfl franchise blueblood franchise wanna know giant kansas each now is a blue i know the ruined thread alerted no uh yet john dorsey he got a lot of super bowls then john dorsey f just rings lam no but i like john dorsey ally and in the real world would he gets leg is because andy reid wants more power an online how that has gone because now he trades mark is peters for no reason for now he.

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