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It's a work of of magic that he captured what he captured with all of the kids not just heard but the other side character kids as well yes yes or usually the other little girl valerie valerie akoto like there's just because like she's like the new kid in townsville like the seamer they go to get ice cream and they say that they have a doctor who told them that if they don't get ice qingdal die there's this shot of her character whose eyes just get so bag which he doesn't want to say anything she doesn't want to like ruin the story or whatever and it's just i don't know it's crazy because it's like you know i have giggles a little cousins and like those kids interacted so that's how kids talk to each other just the way they they rattle on back and forth and the fact that they did that in a way that wiz captivating and not precocious and frankly for me like not annoying or i'm just like he just i i don't there's a reason in the moment where she she she puts the other little girls arm around her um we see it from behind i don't it just it's just a beautiful simple moment that doesn't feel coached it doesn't feel like he said okay try to get her arm around you it just feels like the girl thought of that in the moment that it all ended the whole movie is like a there's a another shot when they're eating where she he's like right upclose and she's staring right into the camera and it's like he's interviewing i'm guessing that he interviewed her and she just started talking about and she's like has these ideas like.

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