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And i mean back then there was even easier for them to come from turkey it's much worse now unfortunately but that was how we decided to start making the film and he he started almost immediately we did the film in about one year for production which is pretty fast because as you said before him ten twenty three countries but he felt it was very important to get the film out while it was a time the issue and that may be the film couldn't help change some things in the folks that are shown in the film yeah so both of you have come into this space from outside kind of the humanitarian traditional humanitarian sector let's call it or charitable sector nonprofit sector if you were going to like diagnosis but the the kind of root causes of the crisis and i i know it's a multifaceted very complex issue to break down but just to educate us from your own personal observations and experience like how do you how do you explain what's happening in syria and iraq it's very simple if dennis down as well it's war wars an economy our leaders are addicted to war their addicted to selling weapons randomly uh without sort of due diligence and the amount of destruction out there caused by the weapons that we sell into these conflicts is off the charts crazy it makes no sense and that is the driver now expanding into libya expanding into yemen that's the main driver and that's my focused as war refugees because i think you know they were basically like us you know they were professional they had jobs the kids went to school and everything's been taken away from them so now they have been moved from a productive member of society into that group of people that is completely dispossessed that we don't care about as a global community and you know a friend pointed out to me you know 65 mouth refugees 65 million refugees you're talking about they've now joined the maybe eight hundred million or a billion people on earth and no one cares about an order even thinks about right that are just very poor and they don't know where their next meal is coming from so it's really actually strange for the refugee to joined that group it's strange for them it's strange for everybody.

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