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McCann the PGA tour in Hilton head South Carolina this weekend hours of stormy weather including lightning delaying the finish at the RBC heritage Webb Simpson just wrapping up that one stroke victory over Abraham ancer Simpson finishing the four rounds of twenty two under par with a deck press cut will sign the thirty one point four million dollars one year deal with the cowboys while continuing talks on a longer term extension press got his best season yet in twenty nineteen last season he passed for forty nine hundred two yards and thirty touchdowns baseball players voting has been delayed CBS sports as commissioner rob Manfred has barely offered some last minute concessions and the Players Association also mulling the impact of camp closings cold with nineteen outbreaks in Florida and Arizona the proposal now on the table includes a sixty game regular season sixteen teams meeting in the playoffs Bob Nightengale of USA today reported forty players and baseball staff members have now tested positive for covert nineteen remember many is the one time you could top pitching prospect last year he was with the white Sox this spring training games with the mariners well he just signed with the football team the Chinese professional league of Taiwan it is a law that has a two and a half months wait until the second leg of thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown the first New York bred horse to win the Belmont since eighteen eighty two and jockey Manny Franco answerable to temper fifth and the Kentucky Derby why spell Corbett nineteen the Long Island bike challenge Sunday August second bike across Long Island to be covert nineteen for more info and to sign up for the ally challenge dot board ally challenge dot org Fadi seventy eight degrees in Central Park another warm and sticky due tomorrow high of eighty eight and that's what's happening hi Mike began on sports radio one oh one nine FM in sports radio sixty six listen to the fan anytime anywhere download the radio dot com app and favored us today and if you have.

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