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To the Monday where estimates are seventeen million or more people will not be showing up for work on Monday some of them have already got taking a vacation yeah already planning on being sick so we have opened up our open Mike line and we wanted to get some of your excuses is over my client is brought you by Carol Royce with Keller Williams realty east valley we asked you to give us a ring and pretend as though you're calling your boss okay I did it and this is the message you're leaving on their voice mail and this run and what you're gonna help some of you out gets better excuses and also Bruce they're going to kind of critique figure out whether we actually believe year okay so these are folks who called in and given us their best excuse and acted like where their boss on Monday morning take a listen yeah this is Jeff just calling because there's no way I'm going to make it in today got Zulu like symptoms and everything that's going on I don't want to thank everyone at the office my wife just started tutoring boy from China a little concerned about that I don't think it's going to be that crazy but there's no way they can wanted to give you a call call me if there's any questions thanks okay yeah yeah the day off right Joe I probably has a virus it was a good call yeah you're good what what is it was a good call okay are you Jeevan just get the day off sorry guys who purple evening tonight I'm not feeling well at all but I'll try there's no way the person sounds vaguely familiar I swear to goodness it sounds like a journey journal mark part of it I looked at me through it I'll try my best but there's no way I don't know if it is but let let's do it again sorry guys I know it's Superbowl evening tonight I'm not feeling well at all yeah yeah that's him the problem I think so you know what he's got the day off I think that that one that was we we gosh you guys are also we got a ton of cuts could call take a listen what favorite you know I know we've got that surgery tomorrow this weekend I ended up going to China and they won't let me back well Tuesday I'm stuck in China the corona virus excuse I'm gonna I'm gonna say I better see you Monday morning Bucko because I'm sorry I can't make it today he sure I got the.

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