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The top five at five all you do is with code word of mouth was low tom slash the mayor's race is getting closer oreo told me europe it on that and then we're gonna talk about the story that has you all fired up this is from david crewmen on twitter is a crosscutting says here's more election results just came in seventeen hundred more ballots counted today nikita oliver gains three hundred two votes which is actually significant amounts on carry moon so the race between the key to oliver carry moon for the second spot jenny jerk and remains in first is point seven four percentage points apart doesn't senator seem load one guy down there our or one gal counting ballot came in today elegant along with that apostolate of that in a letter openers floyd go through each you like superficial to get through more than sarakin under new inspect some old crotch that guy with a stick remove the beat across the exactly so they don't know exactly how many are left to be counted that's the problem yesterday the estimate was 1500 a two thousand so this would fall right within it there might be a couple of ballots left but for nikita oliver to trigger a recount she's gotta get to within half a percentage point and right now they are three quarters of a percentage point so she would need to pick up essentially another hundred 150 200 votes in order to in order to trigger which merlin is about growing your reply carry moon who as of right now still in second place so she'd overs the poet susan hutu and durkin is way out in front but the ellis against the field yes once you get to head the head as she put her about twenty eight percent of the vote to these two around twelve thirteen fourteen percent energy interesting i was talking about a story that you were fired up about in that it was written by jason ranch here at the radio station of the headline is seattle city council may legalise homeless are vip camping and he site scott lindsey in this post now lindsey was the right hand man to mary ed murray for a long time and then and this is my opinion on editor alleging here when the.

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