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Real accountability. Which this tribal force members of the GOP taking to the Sunday morning talk shows this week to debate the purpose of a trial. I think the trial was stupid. I think it's counterproductive. We already have a flaming fire in this country, and it's like taking a bunch of gasoline and pouring it on top of the fire. Senator Marco Rubio told Fox News Sunday. He doesn't object that Trump bear some responsibility in the capital breach, but believes an impeachment trial would do more harm than good. And it already divided country. It was most certainly a foreseeable consequence of everything that was going on, and I think that's widely understood. It may be even better understood with the perspective of time. I think that's separate from the notion of Let's revisit this all and start it up again. Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, yet to say if he plans to convict But with tensions still high nationwide, thousands of National Guard troops were reportedly stay put in Washington, D C through the early February trial. With concerns about Maura unrest and possible protests. It's projected that up to 5000 troops will continue to guard the nation's capital. I'm Clayton level, it is 5 to 38. Some Austin City Council members this week will introduce another effort aimed and our homelessness problem. It's called Hell are the homeless Encampment Assistants Leak, which directs the city's manager, too well implement housing focus initiative that rapidly connects people with services. And removes him from dangerous campsites near busy streets. That plan is to have specific locations, you know, with priorities within the next six months. We'll get more details on that later this morning campuses are back open today in the Austin school district after being kept close for the past couple of weeks, But district spokesperson Eddie Via he says returning today is entirely optional can still Learn remotely if they choose to, as that is an option throughout the whole school year, Despite some concerns from parents about decisions, Villy says they've been significant improvement in the Corona virus Numbers District wide, including the positivity rate for testing Superintendent Stephanie Els all day. And says that the decision was made after careful discussion with Austin Public Health and Austin. Public Health is getting 12,000 Maura doses of the vaccine this week, Mayor Steve Adler says. He said word to the White House that Austin has the capability of vaccinating more trying to get out the vaccine as much as we can. I hear the frustration, especially those who are one be over 65 who are eligible for the vaccine, but can't find it, he says. Only 2% of the eligible population is actually gotten the vaccine does so far, even though it's been Slow rollout. Adler's optimistic than most anyone who wants a vaccine should be able to get one by the summer. Governor Greg Abbott's pilot program for covert rapid testing from front for frontline. Small business employees has been so successful it's going statewide and K. LBJ's Chris Fox reports. Business owners are hoping that that will help keep Texas business Open. Our most recent survey of our small business owners expect business conditions to decline. They're concerned about another government mandated business closure. And he Spillman heads up the Texas chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business. She says employers being able to rapid test employees will hopefully keep them open, whereas before it was only in five regional areas of the state. Now, any business in the state can go through their chambers to get these free rapid test. So that's great news. Governor Abbott says Expanding rapid testing will help further detected Mitigate the virus. Chris Fox News Radio K L. B J It is 5 41 Samsun looks set to you. Planning expansion here in Austin, and, according to Bloomberg, Samsung is in talks to build a $10 billion chip manufacturing plant. It could actually break ground sometime this year. And if so, the plant could be up and running by the year 2023. It is 5 41 here on the tide of Don show and stay with us. So we're gonna take a look at Austin's business news Straight ahead, also got an updates on the Austin board of Realtors predicting another hot year for the housing market. Now with a look at your money, here's business reporter Jessica Ettinger. The NASDAQ opens at a record high this morning on Wall Street. Plus, it's the busiest week of earning season. Normally, those results would drive the markets but with a new president and new virus variants in the U. S stocks could be moved by lots of things. President Biden wasted no time getting to work last week, he noted that in America, nobody should be going hungry. Job losses are mounting again. We need act. If if we act.

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