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Or cbs or something like that it makes sense if the if the product you know is validated and you know respects regulations i think it does make sense why wasn't it validated by those two i'm going to get to the vc's later and the rich people silicon valley but why was it these are two companies that they're relying on this as a as an object when they buy a blood pressure cuff that they have there in the safeway it's assuming that you get right blood pressure from it i mean usually those are just toys i think in those stores but to little bit about that why they didn't this is one of the parts of the story that's really almost incomprehensible is walgreens and particulars lack of due diligence and lack of verification theranos again and again over the course of three or four years was able to keep walgreens at arm's length and at at one point as i describing in one chapter of the book walgreens hired fulltime lab consultant and kevin hunter and his role was going to be to to help walgreen vet the technology and and elizabeth and her boyfriend who's the number to the company sunny a managed to get kevin hunter after a while excluded from their weekly video calls and from there in person meetings because he was asking too many questions that they weren't happy with how did they do that and why did walgreens accept this well walgreens as my sources explained to me in the course of reporting the book walgreens was terrified that the theranos technology would end up in the hands of arrival and in particular in the hands of cvs its larger rival based in rhode island so there was this fear of missing out that explains a lot of walgreens is sort of credulity and lack of due diligence.

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