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A retractable roof they've they've maintained the tailgating tradition which is a huge part of wisconsin sports and i think it's summer it's summer in the midwest and you value your time outside on in summer in the midwest so you put all those things together and it makes for a great fan base and who supported the team on a really consistent basis no your dad was part of the organization for a number of years with the brewers so that gave you an opportunity to be around the ballpark old county stadium a little bit before most people would did was that where the dream was honed her was baseball always in your dna yeah i mean my dad was oppose the player he played the minor leagues he he worked for the brewers as you said and so i i grew up in a baseball family baseball was was always a big part of my life i tag along to the stadium with him and met the players and tried to soak up everything i could got got access to the clubhouse things like that so you know it it was part of me it did help me when i when i got to the big leagues that i've been part of the big league club house and kind of knew what it was like yeah and i mean i'm fortunate i got that exposed all that as as a young kid and got exposed the paul molitor and robin yount and jim gantner and some great brewer baseball team so it i've let a blessed life from that perspective and been able to do it do what i'm doing now milwaukee and i feel very fortunate let me go back just a little bit to the the decision to head to notre dame and notre dame's head good baseball programs through the years.

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