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Hey everybody todd deals with overdrive magazine back with another channel. One nine special where? We put your trucking questions to the professionals. As of this week phone lines are open. And the question's been rolling in it calling from Medford Massachusetts the question about roads. I'm figuring that Long haul truckers just about every stretch of highway in the country. So I'm wondering. Yeah what's What's the best stretch? Vote out there. Thank you know. Now there's glass question something. Every trucker has an opinion on six Wall Street past early. Seventy seven going through West Virginia. Twenty eight Lewis owner-operator. We know name. Mandy joke narrow even wrote a song about the subject. Eighty makes you happy to be so? We tossed this question at this time to a relative newcomer for a fresh. Take on the matter. My name is Frederick Claxton. Everybody back home calls me choice. Choice has been loading a flatbed for three years. Always say you like it or you'RE GONNA love it. You're not flatbed. 'cause doing is torture. And when I asked about his favorite stretch of road he actually gave me two answers before we get to those. It might help to know a little more about the man first off. He's a big town guy born and raised in New York that is definitely shaped the way he drives where he likes drives. Well the perfect road has to have character but it's also got to be something challenge. I would never be team in growing up but I am a New Yorker would call an aggressive driver. I love to maneuver New York. Also helps to be where he picked up his nickname while sitting at a table with friends. One time and one of them told me I was the master of my own choices and the phrase stuck with him. I just decided to star writing choice master in graffiti and also pending right decades later after a career with a major clothing brand brought him all the way out to the west coast choice decided to take a motorcycle ride across country from La to New York on a street. Pike it changed his life. Everybody calls me crazy but it was the first. Tom had seen anything in between the East Coast and the West Coast and I thought to myself what could be better travelling in the truck. I get to see the United States and get paid. Mother is really excited about me. Chuck in remember the first time she asks me. What's the most beautiful state and when I said Utah like she was really Utah? Here's his first favorite road. Interstate fifteen from Las Vegas to salt. Lake City keeps me on my toes. 'cause there's a lot of inclined decline you know a lot of twists and turns but for the most part is is two lanes so it's a challenge for sure working the gears and engine. Brake control downhill speed. It's not like a car. I can just ride my break all the way down the hill they'll smoke and then I'll lose my breaks and no I'm going to go off a cliff but at the same time. It's just beautiful. That's that's the saw. I'm I'm off every time I drive through. It is one chunk in particular for fifteen crosses the Moa Valley in Nevada and then roughly traces through the Virgin River those canyons or just to me. It's just like unfinished art. What I always think about is that used to be water flowing through those canyons. Nice beautiful water and I can imagine when You know the native Indians were running it what it be like to be a child to be able to play out here in these canyons. I think about when I drive through there. Okay that's favorite road number one for number two. He was something a little different. Call me crazy. I like ninety five minutes. Yeah that would be. Perhaps the most heavily traffic north south route in the nation. I ninety five particularly the northern part of it the cuts right through New York City. I know you're GonNa sit that like this. He's off his rocker. But I just I like the drive something that has some character like you know I really don't use cruise control a lot first of all. I like to use the pedal you know traffic or when it's moving I like it and that feeling doesn't end at the offramp either. I love driving to New York City. I'll take those lola tall day and I don't mean you know a lot of people like I'm going over the George Washington Bridge. Oh I drove New York City. No you didn't drive New York City you bring in and you deliver on Central Park West. Where trucks don't even belong you're taking lanes because you got all these box trucks had his don so you gotta go into Oncoming Lane and I I love it I love the northeast gets a bad rap. Eighty one Brenston. The North had the upper upper without a doubt. Please keep those questions coming. We'll keep working on the answers. Give us a call. Seven six five two four five four eight four and leave us a message. Gentlemen nine specials feature of over the road from Radio Topiary and overdrive magazine. It's produced by Ian Costs and myself. Todd dill's support from Lacey Roberts Omar Hoffer and Julie Shapiro makes the truckers whose voices you heard top bread. James Phillips no the Sandra Gibson and Jacquie Wallis plus a few. We know only by their handles demand. Little Mama and the Texas special. Thanks of course to Twin Falls Idaho based owner operator manage open euro for her heartbeat song. You can find music on Youtube spotify and most other places under Mandy Joe Panero. That's A. N. D. I. J. O. P. I. N. H. E. I R. O. Researcher name overdrive online dot Com. By more about Frederick Claxton's truckers feeding homeless effort via truckers feeding the homeless dot com. We'll be back with you next week with a deep dive into the history of trucking until then ghostwriters over.

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