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Also send out interesting information. So of course, good alone and bluejeans dot com. If you need more information and remember if you have minor children hundred and fifty thousand dollars or more in assets or real estate you need to trust very important, very important to protect yourself. So I'd like to formally introduce Mariah Gandhi era. Did I say that correct? Mariah God Darrow. Mariah gondar. Sorry about that. The freedom foundation and mariah's here in studio because there is a very interesting suit that is going about throughout the well, we'll be pretty soon, I guess it's just been filed and she works with the freedom foundation and d work for the dole law group too. I work for the freedom foundation. Okay. And there's a class action lawsuit on behalf of five California teachers against the California teachers association for possibly violation of their first amendment rights. Yes. Okay. And and the suit in essence is claiming that they're forced union fees are a violation of their free speech and freedom of association because these union fees, go to political causes such as lobbying and other things that they might not necessarily agree with. And if you've heard this before, well, we recently had a big law of big case come through the supreme court that was Janice. And so we're gonna talk today about the. A new case that might be coming about in Genesis. Well, and stick around if you if you have questions one eight hundred seven sixty K F and B one eight hundred seven sixty five three six two we if you are in a union, if you're in a public sector union, or if you have any opinion about unions in general, and and do that need to be paid. Then give us a call one eight hundred seven sixty K from be one eight hundred seven sixty five three six..

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