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Nine two two two and we'll catch up on the air interesting literature on marines lipid supplementation the fatty acids the mega three fatty acid decreasing inflammation for people who have asthma and this is the journal respiratory medicine important study this is a double blind placebo controlled trial crossover trial involving as medics subjects that had inflammatory mechanism in their Airways they had documented the hypermedia induced Broncos friction constriction of the Airways using the omega fatty acids have beneficial effects and decrease the spasm open their ways and decrease the inflammatory markers they were tested flew through the blood so important to consider that there are good vitamins for you to take I'm not saying that this is the only thing you should do overwhelmingly the patients that we see that have asthma have allergies and underlying cause yes for more seem to have allergy things they're breeding indirectly have contact with the lining of the Airways and mucus and inflammation can occur but there are some people that have food allergy that also have lung related symptoms when the food allergen hits your stomach in seventy percent of your immune systems in your gut then you start to create a reaction and multiple mediators start to be released as those things go into your bloodstream they can affect any part of the body so realistically whether it's food or inhalant allergy can affect any part of your body and certainly this obviously is not a great time to have allergies when you talk about viruses many viruses floating around to the population there are other viruses are much more common than others and certainly have seen Barr virus cytomegalovirus extremely common respiratory viruses rhinoviruses there are other coronaviruses that or not the latest virus cove in nineteen so we're testing people with a nasal swab to look at all of the common viruses we do not have the test for the coverage nineteen for this new virus they think they're restricting that to hospitals and certain facilities so that you can go and get tested then be in a court eight the procreative hi medical environment so that if you do turn positive that they're offering some testing there's some great research coming out of Thailand and Australia and parts of China Japan where you're using a variety of combinations entire HIV drugs anti viral drugs they're using chloroquine which is anti malaria drugs is it for my sin entered getting some pretty dramatic results in helping to kill and inhibit virus so as I get this information you know day to day these are things that we talk about actors talk about on the radio program I had mentioned one of my best friends from medical school has been in the belly of this for so many years he had two offices and LA and then would constantly go to Africa to set up medical facilities in areas where there are no doctors from hundreds of miles so they would put up these prefab buildings sixty patients surgeons would come in for two weeks you know it's introductory so he coordinated a great deal of this he was he leading a team of doctors that were working with the bola dengue fever all sorts of horrible things and he had going all over the world in doing that so yet now Cambodia all over Africa in dangerous areas as well where there was evil and unrest and military action so very difficult times and I I've applauded him a million times over for doing that and this is where I'm getting a lot of information so it's it's boots on the ground you know it's information directly in the trenches so we try to give you an update on this is so often as possible okay phone lines are open if you'd like to call it ask a question do so now let's go next to Jerry hi there in New Jersey how are you hi doctor good morning morning yep its founder Jersey and up patient of yours you degrade them sell it might be and that date is still like Brando which are wonderful that's so good to hear yep bye bye so difficult but there's been a couple years yeah just wonderful my question is what can we do at this time to boost our immune system well yeah typically the things that make your immune system respond or increasing your levels of vitamin C. there was a great study but I don't get into the math of it too much but they were talking about giving people sixty milligrams of vitamin C. for for kilogram of body weight so the four hundred fifty pound person is seventy kilograms seventy ten sixty is forty two hundred milligrams of vitamin C. and that was shown to incorrigible killer cells you do want to take from again based upon what we recommend to a lot of patience the for the five to six thousand milligrams of vitamin C. a day no I can't give a direct recommendation person I've never seen but typically keeping your vitamin C. levels in the good range makes sense also you want to test your vitamin D. and make sure your vitamin D. levels are eighty to one hundred range you want to do a little bit of exercise every day and I told patients some people you know walk around your house if you don't want to go down to the Parker you know you don't want to take a a long bike ride at center do something in your house walk around the perimeter of your house some people will call corner to corner you know around the block you do wanna get exercise to deliver oxygen vitamins minerals and almost your tissues some people live near a golf course and they'll just go for a walk on the golf course there's no one else on the golf course so you can do your activity I think that makes a lot of sense I think green tea I could may should T. would be of benefit of course our patients that we've already seen of come in a new patients who are coming in in large numbers to get tested and get their vitamin IV so so the vitamin C. IV I think is a dramatic benefit for your body and as I mentioned before the vitamin D. shots now just taking random vitamins without testing is not going to hit the nail on the head so that's what we recommend doing the testing okay that sounds great and we were in not too long ago but yeah I understand you still open yeah absolutely we're open six days a week of course medical facilities dentists pharmacies all the places where people would need to be seen cared for are still open you know there's a mandatory sort of a shutdown in quarantine in New York which I agree with you know in the initial circumstances they were dealing with I don't think this has to last too long but as I say when P. people call our office every day we're getting hundreds of phone calls a day more than before those individuals were chatting with and if they have mild symptoms typically that's not going to be this overwhelming virus so we're guiding people as to what to do people can go to hospitals and get tested they can go the theaters they're opening up some areas at Jones beach of all places for people to go to get tested so you can keep abreast of the news in your town as to where you can get tested and those people who do have it then they can get treated at the hospital those people who don't have it and then they certainly could come in for the vitamin IV vitamin therapy so we're trying to help people as much as we can right and and the probability of a vaccine for the use of the drug it'll take a year yeah the drugs already working the drugs are working so for people who have it absolutely have it you can go online and look at research on core Quinn is it for my sin together Laura Quinn and ridge demo here in into each IV drug so there's more more just coming out I told a good friend of mine to try to get out to the politicians to try to get this you know to TV and get this you know to the president to talk about the fact that these things are already working in these meds or already FDA approved and they're approved for you know malaria and their proof for infection and virus so there's no reason why doctor can evaluate you and if you do have it put you on a combination of very safe medications but also any of these drugs a prophylactic we don't feel that those medications are prophylactic as yet so the question is we don't know when a person is infected what if they're infected you know two weeks from now they took the antibiotics for a week and that effect is gone because the antibiotic is used up or the anti viral rather is used up so there's nothing that says that if you take this antibiotic that it's going to protect you for weeks months and years there's nothing you know specific to that because everything that you take with its a vitamin an antibiotic and antiviral it doesn't stay in your system for months you know just their wallets there so the question is person does have it and the doctor can write the prescription for those things and follow that patient great then that can be done there are people that are trying to hoard these medications which you cannot do because a it has to be for people who don't only have it be your first responders have it they have to be treated because they have to care for other people so you know it's a it's an important issue not to try to hoard things are just because you want to have it on hand that's all I think I have this virus as with all other viruses and this was true for many other things including in regular flu swine flu H. one N. one and in Europe Ebola Africa Ebola sars Murs avian bird flu which strangely enough all seem to come from China I think that this will wax and wane just as all the other viruses did all right thank you so much for your call give us a call if you need any further information love to help you out chatting with you I'm glad to hear you're doing great with the stem we have the and I have to make you come in here my patients do not get the flu and I can't remember the last time I saw a person who had a flu it may have been a new patient but the patients that I've seen that eat right the exercise that you know eat organic foods that are doing healthy things that are taking their vitamins based on the blood test retesting to prove their levels do not get the flu they do not get the infections because older vitamins vitamin D. levels are nice and high they're doing the vitamin IV so this it's never been more important to understand and to do this process so that's what we're trying to teach people out there have to be as healthy as possible by learning about your body and using appropriate recommendations that testing the blood test tells us what your body requires and we create that particle okay phone lines are open please don't wait for the end of the program to call and ask questions or to answer ten different questions with moments left so Colin now before the end of the program let's go next to Frank in New Jersey how are you how can I help you Frank are you there yes Sir we'll try to get Frank up on the air it'll take us another moment let's go next to Irene and has provides yes doctor caliphate saying mean compacts the crates my question is I have a positive pay in a with a pattern of centromere but the tighter being one six forty you can confide in exhibiting so far are we know cinnamon on wondering if there anything I can do to reverse if there's four of them going to colleges told me there is nothing well the issue is with N. A. N. A. it's just a very basic I. anti nuclear antibody and autoimmune marker so what happens is there's some people that have a positive ANA that has nothing else going on in their life otherwise but the positive ANA if there are other markers ten point towards other disorders whether it's lupus or show greatness or scleroderma you know there are other things that can occur as a secondary issue there so I can tell you that in doing the testing that we do sometimes the emir's positive people have no problems sometimes there is positive we we test them a few months later and then something else starts to show up with their joints become swollen inflamed and that could be a developing rheumatoid arthritis so their skin becomes very tight and that could be development of scleroderma or they can get try I dry mouth and that may correlate with children so we have to track it and watch it I can tell you clearly that people that have lupus and rheumatoid that we've seen where we've opted to do stem cell therapy intravenously have had a pretty dramatic shut down of the inflammatory cascade and people that have difficulty with pains and aches and swelling of their joint start to see that change significantly in its not using dangerous medications you using your own stem cells so one of the comments that I make about stem cells is that it is the greatest scientific discovery or understanding and this goes back over a hundred years it is the greatest mechanism to maximize the repair of your body when you talk about any tissue ice heart lung liver kidney pancreas brain joint got you know immune response we see a lot of people to do stem cell would have multiple benefits and other areas of their body as we do the intravenous so I think that's one of the greatest things that we can do to maximize your health mmhm also I have a question regarding guarding known versus leg syndrome would that be connected restless leg syndrome connected to to the positive ANA or I'm I'm not necessarily.

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