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Tony Cats today. The attacks in Israel continue. While there's a push and a desire from President Joe Biden for a cease fire that does not stop Hamas from continuing more rocket fire, nor does it stop. The Israeli defense forces from continuing to move in a way to continue to protect the people putting out on Twitter. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze Over the last 11. Days of Mosses fired rockets indiscriminately indiscriminately at all Israeli citizens. In response, we have been precisely targeting the source of terrorism and Gaza. We will continue to do so. That source, of course, is Hamas Tomasz, a terrorist organization sponsored by Iran. We know this. To be fact. Unfortunately, they're far too many American politicians. You don't seem to want to know what the reality is. Tony Katz, Tony Cats today It is good to be with you on Facebook. Tony Katz radio. Major grown. Spielman is an idea of spokesman two of the foreign press. He has been a part of the second intifada, the second Lebanon War cast lead operation in the Gaza Strip. And a serious of other Excursions. Deployments and exercises. He joins us now from Israel, Sir, I appreciate you taking the time speaking to us about the latest that's going on responses from the Israeli defense forces. Let us start with the latest the latest attacks today and casualties. Absolutely Tony and thank you for having me. There's been in assessing barrage of attacks today. Um, I just got back from Ashkelon. Which for your listeners, Escalon is a beautiful city. Imagine Indianapolis is the beautiful city. The only difference is four miles away from the edge of that city lies the Gaza Strip. It would kind of be like Indianapolis being four miles away from Tehran on beautiful city with high rise buildings that was there instead of home, which Had just sustained a direct rocket attack hit a direct hit The woman, the mother of the family, and her son, who was there, They decided to go into their protective shelter when they heard the sirens he only had about 20 seconds. The entire home incinerated around them, and it was just a miracle that they weren't injured. And so Hamas is continuing with this barrage. Is there just firing off into the air? Hoping that those rockets will kill Israelis? Askew mentioned they killed Israelis. Jewish Israelis, They killed Arab Israelis they killed yesterday to Thai workers. Whose families had to be notified and you know overseas. And ironically, Tony, you know, one out of every five of those rockets lands back in Gaza, and there's Children and Gaza. 16, Children and gods were told over the course of two hours from their own rockets. We should take a second to to engage that and the way you describe that a difference between Palestinians, people living in Gaza and Hamas, the terrorist organization. There's a difference between the two exactly the people living in Gaza. The Palestinian people living in Gaza, Hamas was kind of thrust upon them. Hamas came in a brutal takeover, a number not that many years ago. Just over a decade ago, they took the previous regime, which was the Palestinian Authority and literally through their leadership off the roofs of the buildings in Gaza. And took over and the people in Gaza you know they don't They don't have a voice, so it's difficult to know them because there's no dissent against some US and Gaza. You know, it's not a good policy like insurance policy to complain against Gaza and You know, for years, 1000 people worked in Israel. Israelis lived in Gaza. They work together and Israel is no beef with the people of Gaza. We we would love the quality of life of the people in Gaza to improve, but Just to put this in proportion. Today I tried bringing someone to the area's crossing. It's a It's the humanitarian aid crossing and I couldn't get in. Why couldn't I get in with this person who was a reporter? Because Hamas has been bombing their own humanitarian aid crossing the last seven days, so we couldn't go in the people of Gaza are hungry. Talking to Major Doron Spielman, spokesperson before the Israeli defense forces one of the hits that idea has been taking at least in some levels of American press, and certainly from Uh, leave the punditry class is that there was a building that was taken out that was housing Hamas and headquarters but also housed The Associated Press and some other people, other journalists types We know that warning was given. How has I d f responded to those people, Whether it be in the United States or other places saying You're taking out you're going after journalists? How could you You know, the best that we've been able to do is we've asked questions back, such as a swell again. The journalists are not to blame. But it is somewhat bizarre that it's not only a Hamas target. We have to understand that this building that 18 l zero and housed Hamas, his research and develop advanced research and development wing, which is another way of saying that is where they were producing the means to kill Israeli people. And it was a primary target and you know, we did warn everybody, and they did. Nobody was hurt in the explosion, but the press for a long time he asked us provide proof. There is obviously an intel element of this person who couldn't share publicly. But we shared it with the United States government and they accepted it. But again that the conversation I do think needs to be turned around and said What? Why were you you were riding the elevators with these people? For years. You never kind of figured out. Maybe it was a good place to be, and I haven't had any real answers to that..

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