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Pretty huge mistake be an imaginary relationships. I told my dog learn from you. I don't know why this is like like a ghetto. Nigga DR SEUSS. You Act just like you caught me slipping. Okay so wha- you was really really lucky. Relax crying over shoe money when you could have just asked for relaxed pave. Pay The money. Just make sure supply. Cash check money order. Give this woman her fucking money. You leave arrest a bus alone you fuck girl because you wanted to. You decided clearly not use protection or whatever the fuck she pregnant you got another baby take care of the Nigga. This is the game that we you know. We exist in all of us. This is called reality. You make a baby. China have to pay for right. So what happens in future has like eight kids so it's not like he don't know how this and half of them are like under two so it's not like he does. You're right. You're a veteran at this loose dig Negoti. It shouldn't even be at this point. You should just be writing a guide for everybody else on just like the fastest way to get child support money out of the House. The best lawyers whatever it is takes the rest of this. You don't seem like it makes you know any good sense. I'm sure that the The real issue here is that as the president of the Secret Society Illuminate Futures Status is probably in clear jeopardy at this point. I'll really and I'm sure that Chris Brown and offset smell blood in the water. And they're coming for that position to run all of these ain't Shit Nigga. Is You know in the direction that the group sees fit and so futures probably just awesome mafia movie shit freaking out because the niggers are coming for his spot as top fuck boy in charge because yeah I mean. At least Chris an offset are good fathers from what we know anyway like. At least they have going for him. Future his children are scattered across the forty eight contiguous states and he didn't even want to claim them last two or three Solo. I feel like there's a certain level of SCUMBAG. Nigga who future will always be daddy just because they can relate with the ancient myths bad windows future. GonNa say I really need to stop fucking all these girls especially raw? Maybe I need to start strapping up all the time. Maybe I need to find one young lady and build a relationship with her and get to know her and then maybe not get are pregnant. You know there are cords within you that you can cut so that this doesn't happen anymore and make a little bit of responsibility. Goes a long fuck in way and I don't care what Laurie Harvey talking about Nigger. It could be finished now like Yakking dot or whatever the fuck did you do in the future. You can go ahead and just SNIP SNIP. And you don't have to worry about you know cash now for any other party promoters or whatever the fuck since that's on it you seem to know how to do in the world of relationships and sex and Def we saw broke up can't even if he was still together. I don't know you probably right. What do I do besides play animal crossing that? That girl went incorporating condo some downward. But Bob hope who knows because is still sneaking out fuck so maybe better the dickey now than the then addictive time as you know he out there fucking multiple girls. A little pandemic is not going to slow them down. He's probably got his own APP where he just opens it up and no has one of them sent over to the house or something. I don't know on the bright side of the illuminated news though one quaver has gotten his high school diploma that That was joyful. That was so sweet so I read that he had actually been involved with his high school. Like you know as successful nigger doing community things and giving back when he wasn't considered on the same night since he technically was dropout and so the principal school was his teacher back in the day. Said Hey why don't you get your damn you go forward and do it? And so that's what he decided to do. He also said on young money. Radio de Wayne was one of Lohan was an inspiration. I guess for him because he know Wayne my back to school after being incredibly successful. I don't remember if it was his. I think it was an older woman. In Wayne's live on if there was a mom or grandma Auntie or somebody I radi sure he was like you know as many people can say there was a strong black woman in my life he said Hey nigger why you that's all. I decided zoo. Megan Grandma's will all. I mean. Your grandma will be in like a cashmere robe and on the that you bought her and still be like you know. It's never too late to go back to school. And then catch our education union saying because you might need that you never know when it comes in handy and that will show people the value that you take seriously. And that you know that you have grandma. Why did we we all get the same fucking speech? We're rich. I pinned the game like I don't have to do that would be. I say she said okay. You happy is right. I don't at blackboard afterwards. Glad because beyond the schooling things. 'cause I'LL BE HONEST. It's never too late to go like all of them. Say on the phone since you said something did. Did she finished? You know the church bag zoom and so you could zoom me on the matlock you can go me. Zoom me right home. It'd be Osei on. Can we do it together? We Toda bless house. Grandma yes I thought that this was horrible. I love these pictures of him in his cap and gown instagram. For some reason I he looks so happy. Have no explanation but for some reason this to me looks like what Gerald from. Hey Arnold grew to be. I don't know why do as the as soon as you said I was just like. Oh Hey Arnold the college years this is It sounds like he's even considering going to a college next shot. A Burke Burke Mar high school in Georgia lilburn charger to be exact chats a quaver on principle Williams and everybody over there you classic twenty twenty kids can say that you graduated alongside Caveau and he can say that he is a Grad and Bucci. Oh right none of that. Nobody give good job. Quavo is that is not an easy thing to do. Actually only saw one person beings think about it like taking screen shots talking about this that and I was wondering what was so fucking sad but I guess they were making fun of him because He's twenty eight twenty nine and just now finishing his high school diploma. But you know niggers. Don't do that right now. Is still a fucking achievement. He went to school when he didn't act to and learn something and might even continue his education. Like you can't just be happy for a black man learning something. God Damn some of find anything to hate on but this is beautiful. News go to school. Let Cardi help you go to. Uta Online and GonNa get that degree More White News. This Week Lana Del. Rey was caught up in nonsense after see posted her feelings. Take on the Gran now. Has One point seven million legs? I'm not GonNa read this whole ass novel but I will just go over the header here. Well that's already posted question for the culture natural which one flat question for the closer now. That does Arianna Camilla Kardashian Cardi Kelaniya Nikki. Manashian beyond say have had number ones with songs about being sexy wearing no clothes. Fucking cheating etcetera. Can I please go back to singing about being embodied feeling beautiful by being in love even if the relationship is not perfect are dancing for money or whatever I want without being crucified are saying that I'm glamorizing abuse? I'm fed up with female writers and all singers saying glamorize abuse when in reality. I'm just a glamorous person.

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