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Worth noting that Nicosia he just said In regarding to watson status for sunday's opener quote. I wouldn't expect him to play. I wouldn't anticipate him. Playing this sunday and will recalibrate as we go day re do. We really need to hear that now from you to somebody really telling us this. He's a is the most captain. Obvious statement in the history of time. But i get why he has to. Unfortunately how about saying this. How about telling you know. And i liked nick i do. I'm telling you i listen. I've there's a lot of guys. I don't like the way the handle the media coaches but that's the way they do it and then they just they but but i do like is a player that they protect their organization. I get it. Let's face facts guys. And i know you don't wanna limit it out there but let's everybody. There's there's an elephant in the room and i'm not talking about the legal stuff that the elephant in the room is. You'd better come to grips that. If four quarterbacks get hurt on this team he's not playing right they will find somebody else. Yeah i i'm just gonna the reason. I asked the in report if all of a sudden. I don't want anybody to get hurt. But all of a sudden tyrod taylor pulls hamstring and his out of month. Davis mills is playing if davis melts hurts a shoulder for three weeks. Jeff driscoll's playing. Yeah if just jeff driscoll a ligament his ankle and his out a month. Guess who's not starting the next week. The shawn watson. It'll be somebody who's question on if he'll even be at the facility. Well i the media portion of practice allowed to be seen. You know that they won't have him be anywhere near it. He's not going to be available for anything. What's the point of even having him there. Well that's the my he'll be on your home. The support system. I guess. But that's why i asked the. Nfl was mandatory right. If you're on the fifty three man but inactive do you have to be on a silence. And then i'm thinking well maybe cove allows him not to but if you don't have to be on the truth is unless he wants to sh- unless and he's a good guy wants to be with his teammates. I get it but if it's too hard on him why wouldn't you watch it on. Tv if they would allow it towns or allowing him to be. I would not want him in the building. That's me at this point. I would be so far past. Its word right. It's it is what what i would love to see though. I don't want his influence on my player. That's it and i'm going to go the other way just for a second. Let me. just be the devil's advocate. I'm with you one hundred percent on the optics to look in the whole thing that you know you're clearinghouse of it eventually. so why. why are we dealing with it right. But if he is on the sideline. I would like him involved. I really would like him to be. If you're gonna be down there and you're getting paid. Can i use your eyes. If i'm tyrod taylor to come talk to me and davis mills discussed because he is even be discussing davis mills during its sandton. Did you see why made that decision. If i mean if you care about your teammates like supposedly there were supposed to. We're supposed to believe right. He right so you're saying tyrod. Listen men who was too deep that safety they ran Middle of the field open on that next time you got to pump same day. It'll turn into pump bender. You might want to just have a peek at that. Next time we run all firts. Just let him know now. I don't know if it's going to be the sean you're here but stand down there with the extra body. Stand down there at the end or behind the bench. If they allow him to. I would love to have his set of is. Because if you're really going to help and you can't help physically at least be set of is your pro bowl. Quarterback led the league in passing. If i'm gonna earn my money if you're going to pay him put his ass. I'd have his ass chart and place dude i would. I'd say you're the third guy. You charge them if they i don't even know if they do. You know the service now but there's the third guy a lot of times when i was but they chart. Okay i ten. Would we do now. You'll see coaches you. How they ride on young play she but chart the place he can go and then even with the surface. Come down and when you're sitting on the bench if tyrod comes over say and look this that corners playing off every time it's third and four or longer third and six or longer in the red zone he's giving you a cushion. You may be able to hit that. Quick slant or you may be able to hit the hitch. I would love that if he's going to be involved but i'm not sure he will right prediction on one game. I stop chiefs. brown's thought process. Take the to be hard for me to ever pick against the chiefs. I think it's going to be a dogfight like you mentioned. Probably the best game in the weekend. I would just at the end of the day. Expect kansas city to be ready to go geared up. They got the chip on their shoulder. Going to be pissed on better block myles garrett right iraq miles scare. That is one of the show. I think tank founded to right. Yeah but that clown mahomes probably going to be in for a day of having to move around a little bit but i would pick the chiefs. It's quite capable. This is a go ahead. Tyler who you got real quick. I got kansas city. Basically they know they were embarrassed in the super bowl. The biggest of them all and they're coming back for revenge. Okay i think psychologically you know who can even though they lost in the super bowl. Who do you think can overcome. Who do you think. Psychologically this means more to the browns. I agree yeah. I agree because they want everybody to a team. They wanna put a statement out there that they're up there with them and the bill. Kansas city loses doubt that they can go in twelve in a row now and neither do they mea wa. Cleveland may speak it to fans than everybody else and almost for their own psyche to say way not only took. We played kansas city worthy invoked. T you know how everybody talking about a team all season senate team and then they flocked. Yeah like they lose thirty one to ten. Yeah that's psychologically not. They can't overcome it. But i can tell you this that you'll get the here we go again talk after one stupid game but you will. This game will have a playoff atmosphere beyond belief now. A lot of them are because it's the opener but these are two teams. That have a very a damn good chance at meeting again. Do all right real quick. But we'll get your reason. Why the other side of this break best. Rookie offense or defense best. We're gonna go off to be not offense stephen. Go chok with this best rookie of the year. That's going to impress us the most humane out the best. That's who's going to be the most impressive rookie in the league offense or defense this year. I'm going to buy into the height. I am gonna take meg jones. I think that's a hell of a choice. And i don't think he's going to get every opportunity to dude he makes some throws on timing. That are not rookie crap. I'm just telling you he. He's different now. He may not look the part body wiser now. I mean knows how to put his foot but a lot of old school. Quarterbacks looked just like mack jones does now honest to god but boy is timing an understanding of what. You're trying to get accomplished. pretty good. Tyler i wanna remember may not be stats. Their team may not win the most. Who's going to when you look at them saying that. That m effort is a monster. Who's it going to be. I wanna exclude quarterbacks. And i'm gonna pick michael parsons k. I got to. But i'm gonna stick to one that sticks out and i you guys have been on his nizara for a while as she harrison have been. Yeah i think he is a. He's one of those guys that punishes you inside. And can he he. He's one of those guys. I think we're going to tell you. I put it this good. Josh jacobs's when he came out alabama generators to las vegas. I think nashi harris has got some of that. Maybe a little bit. i'm a big fan. i'm going with. Zach wilson. I think when we figured out of this. I think we're going to start saying we see okay through some picks this but there is something special and unique here with some of the throats. He'll make his stats. Won't be as good as mack. Jones as far as overall percentage that. But when i say most impressive rookie that i think if they ever have a team this dude is going to be a big time. A just a full blown beast. I'm gonna go with him. Probably not the safe pick. But he's i come in here. You got you and i are gonna come in here on a monday at some point and it may happen a lot where you say to see pretty good. You know what. I'm saying. I'm gonna go with him and we'll come back and we'll get the reasons why and they will roll through some of this and we'll get to james click back to these astros and.

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