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It is fifty five degrees mostly cloudy skies at o'hare a man is dead after being shot in the head in humboldt park yesterday police say the twenty one year old was shot in the fifteen hundred block of north washtenaw avenue around five pm he was taking to structure hospital where he was pronounced dead no one is in custody the investigation is ongoing german chancellor angela merkel arrives in washington this morning just days after french president macron's white house visit abc's jordan felts reports from washington president trump is welcoming another world leader to the white house german chancellor angela merkel but there will be no fancy military welcome or state dinner for this quick one day trip merkel's visit is strictly business merckel arrived in washington with the same as the french president to try and persuade the us president not to tear up the iran nuclear deal president trump has repeatedly threatened to withdraw from the agreement but next month he could actually make good on those threats when he faces a final deadline that was abc's jordan phelps could the apple watch save your life a california man says it saved his for example says he got the watch earlier this year to help him lose weight and get healthier but last month it alerted him of an elevated heart rate and i'm just sitting watching tv relaxing from a long day of work after the fourth alert i'm like something's not right time for me to go to hospital he went to the hospital and he says doctors found a potentially fatal skin infection on his leg and now news that happened on this day on april twentyseventh nineteen sixty four john lennon's book in his own right was published in the us in nineteen sixty eight simon and garfunkel released the single mrs robinson in one thousand nine hundred one ringo starr and actress barbara got married paul mccartney and george harrison attended that ceremony and in one thousand nine hundred david bowie began the us leg of his sound and vision world tour he said.

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