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Twenty four seven news continues. Now on KOMO news. I'm axiom frost a former middle school teacher in northwestern. Washington state has been sentenced to thirty days in jail after pleading guilty to sexual communication with a teen. The daily herald reports forty nine year old Paul chunk pleaded guilty. Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge stemming from conversations with a fourteen year old student last summer district officials say chunk resigned last week cranberries film middle school where he taught science according to a police report csonka and the student exchanged sexually charged messages on social media, and they met up at Marysville park, where they talked and hugged Chaka was also ordered to undergo a sexual deviancy evaluation and register himself as a sex offender police in Beaverton, Oregon say the motive is unclear in what leads someone to scatter as many as one thousand needles across a nature trail and into someone's backyard. Officers were called to Brookhaven park Thursday around eight in the morning police closed off the area, and they spent two hours going through the trails. Picking up the needles Beaverton police officer, Jeremy Shaw told K to news by phone. The needles are high quality medical needles type. Someone would have if they were hooked up to an IV police suspect. Someone took a large needle disposal box from a medical facility and went through the contents hoping for hypodermic needles, and then toss them out when they realized they had the wrong type of needles. A local school district is taking a new approach to stopping sexual assault among students, they're using peer pressure with a twist in. What's called a social norms campaign, Nikki Fogarty community partner specialists with the Highline school district surveyed her students both middle and high school students and their beliefs around sexual consent. He needs Santiago is a senior at new start high school. She's part of routine council working on the campaign. She says she hopes it's going to be easier to just normalize it and talk about it because sexual assault is something we should be talking about right now. New details of emerged in the deaths of three people in investigators say thirty four year old Matthew Feick and killed his sixty eight year old mother Lorraine and seventy two. Two year old father, Robert detectives believe fi can shot and killed his parents late last week and then killed himself on Tuesday has deputies were attempting to enter the house during their welfare. Check sergeant Ryan Abbott with the King County sheriff's department says investigators think can killed his parents because he didn't want his mother to sell the house. What the fairly tells us is that he just couldn't take that. For some reason didn't want the housing grew up in being sold for underneath them. And for some reason he shot and killed his parents over this Lorraine was an avid volunteer in the community and active in her church. Robert was a well known historian lawmakers are considering a plan to make the state's electrical grid..

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