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So non monogamy works for many people giving yourself permission to define whatever kind of relationship you want that there are no rules except for being super honest and that we think the reason why he will think they could never do it nominee because like well i would be so jealous right people get jealous and monogamous relationship challenges monogamy so i think that in a non monogamous relationship you just you just talk about it and you're like wow that might make me jealous or i was feeling jealous and this is how i feel about it and you can kind of transcend it transcends the jealousy but you need to just lay out the rules and talk about with the partner and i know couples who for example they've been married for a long time but every summer they their kids are camp and they take off and they each do their own thing don't ask them tell fascinat i know as who like they have a third partner that they see you know every two weeks or they share google calendar of all the people they sleep with and they still are together so there's a lot of different iterations of that i think that are available now i love tristan termi knows book called opening up if you're interested at high tristan happy birthday i think it was yesterday if you're listening to this i think that there's just a lot of great tools out there and resources and that this is the time if you're looking at it to to kind of venture into that territory but you got to be a great communicator it is a fascinating time because we are seeing so much more openness in telling stories about open relationships than exploring polyamorous i think for me i couldn't cope if charlie fell in love with someone else i just couldn't right i just love him too much and i love his love so much i couldn't cope with a personally oh i get it and it's not for everybody i've why do i wanna have sex with other people.

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