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I highly all waiting in the show notes. It's a great one because I think some of us. Any any references. I mean, he really went out on a limb with his research related to structured water because he really calls into question kind of the established generally accepted concepts of how water behaves in in that research. I mean, you mentioned some of the things that just defy logic shining Knight on water in having it float through Nathen to which is basically just a hydrophobic surface. And you mentioned, you know, the other thing that that I think is fascinating too along with blood flow in how light plays an incredible rolled in those processes. So yeah, I think you've hit on a big one. I mean, there's there's certainly other things. Scott mentioned the green tea extract, and some other interesting benefits on skin helped level. With the things that you can have actually on on the surface of the skin. But yeah, I think a lot of you put green tea on the skin for, how's that work? Initially you'd think it has to do with the score, the antioxidant like the fact that green tea has a high high antioxidant or score, but actually there's way more evidence that suggests green tea enhances cell signaling, which is one of those secondary sort of benefits of red and near. Infrared light is ability to you. Don't drink it. You put it on the on the skin? Yeah, the grant. How do you even do that while the in the research? It was literally like cloth dipped in dipped in green tea and then put on the face into our. Yeah, exactly. So if you're using green tea spray or mist or something like that, in theory, you could probably do some, maybe some better benefits business opportunity. Up selling the shopping cart out a little green tea sprays. You purchase the copper is actually another one. Again, evidence is somewhat limited, but, but it's pretty tantalizing that actually copper can help induce cobbler's toxic. Not in not in certain dosages. In fact, you're talking about oral consumption. No, I'm talking about college. Yeah, like a topical. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, like Andy, Andy serum is gold team. I think part of the ingredients stack is, is is copper, and so that's actually something to do with the way setup from Seattle. Today's actually the criminal, the komo's fears inside of combs, the oxidise. How the copper element of and how that how that response to light. And so kind of super interesting but but yeah, there's some little hacks like that that. That we've heard people try and there's like some interesting early evidence that suggests they, they actually could work Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe cucumber in green tea. They sell it on Amazon if it's got a bunch of other chemical crap in it, but stay tuned for the. Coming out in this in the show notes for you guys want to try to green tea, green tea, copper. This Klay massing. We talked about adequate water, preferably structure with minerals in it. Any other little things you would combine something like a Jew to enhance the benefits? Well, I mean, just kind of going back to water Dr. Laszlo's who's a tenured professor at UCLA. He actually it's his. He's doing a lot. He's pint. They'd done a lot of pioneering research with respect to deteriorate depletion. And he actually fundamentally believes that these wavelengths changed viscosity within the.

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