White House, President Trump, George Herbert Walker Bush discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Treasurer and our own KOA News Radio news director Cathy Walker joining us now to talk about, this the reaction to the president continuing to beat the. Fake news drama I know it has a tendency to. Wear to wear on people in our industry I think what we're trying to do is rise above that today as, print and broadcast journalists and really talk. About the importance of the first amendment he. Has every right to say all of those things and that's the beauty of our country On some level, the first, amendment is what, we, are all about collectively but, it's dangerous to, have the, free press called the enemy of the, people has the RTD NA, not only taking a stand has there. Been any communication between that association and the White House I think we are taking. A stand publicly to talk about the role of journalism that we are here to be the, check and balance of all forms of government even business. We're here to help ensure that you have safe place. To work that your commute is possible And so I think when it comes to communicating with the. White House I think it's more of a level of we understand despite criticism it's our. Job to ask questions we understand that may not make some people happy but. It's our, job to ask questions and let's be honest this goes way, back I remember back in the day George Herbert Walker Bush used to talk about the media, all the time in reaction to if you wanna say news and pieces coming out and in and then. It's it's kind of cascaded since but the rhetoric in this current administration has been really amped up. So we've always had a somewhat of an antagonistic feel, with the media and sometimes leadership but in this case it really seems like it's so much more ratcheted up I agree but. I also think when you get right down to it it's about? Having that conversation daily at the fact that it can happen now in real time and we all watch on the internet or television or hear it on radio may, make it. More transparent but I still think the goal of America is that we don't have shrouded communication That we, can speak publicly about anything we believe in our religion our politics are very personal things that we hold, dear we hold true and we are so, fortunate to be in a country that that. Accepts that allows that really embraces it and so really I think. What today is about is really trying to celebrate the fact that the first amendment makes. Us all better because we do have those public conversation here here I hear. You back, in the newsroom sometimes I'm getting some work done I hear, you pick up the phone and have a guy just hear one sided conversations with listeners has, it become more adversarial since these inflammatory comments from the president I don't think it's more adversarial what I. Think is it's more talking points that I hear some of the same talking points You know of what someone's heard on a broadcast somewhere else perhaps talking to me about that kind. Of thing what I find good though. About KOA is we have always. Had that dialogue with our listeners since the advent of the. Telephone since the advent of social media. So for me it's a really good conversation generally when people call? The complaint and we've been interacting. With our audience since day one and that's a good thing you talk people off the thing Thank I interact with people on our Facebook page about the. Things, that we post and I guess that's the point I think the. Problem is sometimes we operate with a different set of facts but to point that you've made before yes we're human we probably get it. Wrong in what we do sometimes but I also. Think we get it more right than we. Do get wrong but people always pigeonhole the wrong well and I think. We just have. To focus on as journalists as recognizing our role in a local community certainly Denver has just a just a wealth, of great journalists in it and all of us here at KOA. NewsRadio I. Think are very grateful to be seeking truth, offering information without a dictate, or a, mandate we just have a message from our founding, fathers it's written right there in the first amendment. Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or the press I'm just grateful we can all be in a community where we have a lot of. Great resources including, KOA NewsRadio ticket information from and I think it's real important that we stay with the facts it's tempting I think for people to go to. Opinion we see it on CNN News and for us it's just. You just just the facts ma'am as they like to say Kathy it's great, to sit down and Chevy about it, you, bet damn..

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