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Enough or well enough Chargers lost to come in about 8 45. We're going to talk with our NFL insider. Hall of Famer Jackie slated again too far away. 20 minutes way 45 this morning coming up at the bottom of the hour. Our in depth team coverage on the election lead up continues to stay tuned for that. It's a 25 brush it on by the o'clock, your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives, And here is Jennifer, You're right. So I was talked about Orange County er, the last report. It looks like the earlier Sigler on the south side of the four or five transition to the East. 22 has been picked up. It also looks like the South Down 55 at 17th crash has cleared There was also like I mentioned Ah, latter in the second lane from the left on the self father Catella, So it's just a little tough, uh, South catella down to the five Freeway. Overall orange County, though you're you're looking good. Let's go to Desmond's Got the Southern California Total Dealers Jam, Pam Well, we have a new crash for the westbound side of the 2 10 in Irwindale. It's before the 605 of the left lane is taken away. You see? C'mon enough slowing here coming away from the 57, but not completely jammed. It will stay sluggish beyond the crash, though, into Arcadia to just about bald one. Then it looks like you'll be up to speed in Pasadena. All right, so you're not crazy. These cells survive is heavy. Because they're closing down the Washington East off ramp. And that's why you've got that back up from before they had 60. There's no crash is dead. It is this decided to close it down Washington Offer him knock down five heavy from about the 17 heading up into the East. L A. It stays tough up to about the to the South. Five is tough from those feelings down into east L. A. The North wanna want also heavy. From the Easter later change up to the four level South Bend water one Not so bad down whatever was all there was like three separate crashes there all cleared now on. It's just a little tough, this little tough south of Vermont heading down to the four level 10 West, still really heavy, though, from about Western into Culver City..

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