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When you're talking about fifteen year old kids who are heroes and stepped up and a man who was trained who decide to sit back for forty five minutes while this was going on your card, and I'll say it on national TV. But should he get ninety six years? Yes. I think every case is different and I think every cases nuanced and I do think there to Joyce point you know, you have a handgun versus automatic weapon again. Police officers like every other human being that I've spoken to want to get home to their families at night as well understand that thinking. Six years, I'm bear. I mean again, maybe may care. Everything makes me popular on the show. But, like I just think if you're going to be in law enforcement, I believe you probably know what you're signing up for. And if you don't think you can protect kids, then you shouldn't be working at a school. I'd also. Right. That somebody went in last week with a handgun and shot him all those people. Yeah. Okay. So, whether it's a AK47. or a handgun, that's the different discussion been whether this man should be facing space vinyl that. The lawyer for Peterson. I have to read this because you read it. The lawyer for Peterson say that the former deputies team would fight these spirits charges that lack and basis of factor law, he complained that the prosecution appeared to be nothing more than thinly veiled attempt at politically motivated, retribution against miss the Peterson. We'll be right back. Welcome back joins glasses. There's a reason. What is inquiry minds clearly wanna know we have being inundated with questions. What's wrong with if you had watched the show every day, then you would know that I had a cataract removed from this I and next week this I will go. And that's the reason I won't tell you just not participate. Okay. Gonna say the sun never sets for the cool glasses. Now on the next wait a minute. I gotta get myself ready for that. So in the next episode of keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim's not happy with khloe for bringing tragedy upon the Kardashian home. Take a look. His dad. Now, I don't know. It's just sitting in here dead sushi did you do this? Cream here. No, she's at school. I don't think. Gosh, I don't know how I'm going to say, by the way, your hamster died. This is why you don't get someone a pet. Don't ever do this to me again. I literally hate you get killed too. So. Know the grandparents well early this is an issue, and it is an issue because you have to explain to children really what death is no one. Well, you, it's hard to not explain it because it's going to happen. Yeah. Well, it's no, it's going to happen. And if you don't have an explanation for five year old they get annoyed with you. Well, they know if there was a death. If you just swap out the hamster. What I assume? So how, how long do you do that? Okay. Vinegar it out a year. Oh my son one of fish at one of those fares is one of those Japanese fighting fish bitch, and it was blue and purplish so under fish. Have you told on this yet? He knows now. Okay. So under fish died. He is. Quickly. I was like, we need another under fish 'cause he was about five under fish kept on dying. I don't know what was going on. But. Are you feeding these poor things? He felt the fish he deal with feeding sometime. Maybe it was over feeding or maybe the wrong food. Maybe but he didn't know. And that was good. That was good. That's, that's the way you have. She has. Crackup hamster it out. Backup will. A lot of say a lot of people say you should never get a pet..

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