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Look at your size during spoiled. It's almost it's almost true though we've had five so he's good wings all on now. He's at day's gonna be days already. Full departures from the sort of things already gone. I think the strong team to be losing their nah not really missing. We've already gone well the interesting nineteen from our perspective <hes> reason when they told him had an internal into an overview on and i think there should be external donegal. We knew it was broken. Record club puget on fraud. I know it it was probably the single worst game. I've seen since for us. Guys saves me. The rand of a pupae was just putrid when you know we had other scoreless quarter didn't get a message from you recorded then you not to score <unk> was quarter blending. This doesn't make a difference and then your going out and just by the game of thrones well. He's talking to lie and let me let me get it and then we'll stop this this again so so. Did you want to quickly chat about before we go into the game of thrones. What are you talking about the troubling traveling paradise absolute absolutely love what you do that thing then so only snus. Let's just say that the state of adelaide thank god that elon musk has invested. He's how that tree over there. Because this state is about to implode food and lose everything off to the crows and this is talking about puerto light van here after the cross with sixty six points against calling on saturday night orbit knocking them out of the fawn was rice when collingwood slammed on six an anti goals in the third time all had to do with play the cangas one goal luik previously to all his show them i top spot nar nar nar nar port decided to up the game a little and save up an i._t. Six point capitulation to north melbourne remember back to the story north kicked one goal all right whole game the week previous job he always just having even think of the aaron what else watching allied run around and and i was watching what allied riding around there was only one time tomorrow mind especially through moland when i saw that happening edited oh they'll benny hill thing you can put the footage of that guy on the benny hill and that's what by you've just some context as to how much so basically now i'm gonna. I'm gonna right at the end of the season doesn't make you probably want port adelaide with a huge thumping that colin would just delay we will bicycle you'll but ashore bit. No no no no with their hands as we've seen for the last five years decide to call it up not only did get vatan. We got beaten badly smashed north mobbing got two hundred sixty three disposals to one hundred forty three contested positions ninety not two to sixty sets up. That's a modest thirty. Two contested physicians uncontested one seventy four to one seven almost one hundred difference day uncontested tested mocks forty nine to twenty two clearances twenty to twelve and inside these thirty three and nine teen. I mean there is not a stat port. Good lies at all. I can say is that when you read that out and benny hill the stoop lying in the background. It's just football footy day. You've basically got a hole in other tame running around on the park. You're playing against such as the difference between every day interesting thing also is that when you watch the with melbourne guy wants day each going down to the full of on it was almost benny hill theme song going in the background and as you can hear on allison's tell me if any comments he's ause will not because he was ping winging. I'll turn the music off the edge to respond to video. Was it after that one but he was he was amazing and can i just say i'm gonna say these who says that goal kicking hard set chuck. Don't kicking is hard you can you go back and watch knbr employees guests. He has the markle holding run up forty five steps or something who ks as he's starting start on bridge road if you wouldn't if he was slaughtered monkey was get drunk on. Don't worry about the fancy stuff gonna kick bags but it was great to see a bag getting keats no yes it was. It was great to say listen. This deal like bags. All love begs especially a bad kick by big hairy dirty crusty fantastic eleven goals and kicked in the end. It was liberal was attain now. Eleven living was a living he kicked more goals important ally did for the whole team get used to it after he was awesome. I loved that he had six halftime authorities econo- on a it was a love a love bags loved you want. I'll tell you what i've got to share with you for. Wednesday is is thursday last week. I was just like going to the guy in this <unk> eddie had <unk> most likely going to win so i'm gonna go and just just watch it how how sad i know it and then <hes> mewa on forest metex and she is all hat cane and how locked in easy see these game and i said well have more tickets yet but the thing unless you something we'll have something booked so we spent the weekend we went down and had a friend first birthday party an an f. <unk> potty and she did a surprise thing we went to belarus which <hes> for the weekend and we were out saturday not watching that new watching the the ballot tantalizing servant hill all i can say is thank god i was not at this guy. I am i on forever thankful to my awash for booking something on this game because i can tell you. I don't know if i'd have a podcast hips. If i had gone to that oregon you would question though where you run by copying she i was trying to get my rod ross and it was getting trucked. I was checking checking our anti-fraud ross around the room like you've never seen my hands while trying to eat the food off my four and it was just like flinging behind me. It was bad always awesome. Watch from the middle of the third quarter to the to the end of the game and by the end of it ought to i was cheering for ken hinkley great to be sacked that not amazed he amazed he hasn't been sexiest well. Let's let's let's what moody after you get sect well as the second part of it i mean. Are we talking about poor deadline. You know we're gonna talk about quickly just at adelaide l. a. now you were done park lotta beckham. You got done park day. Who literally who serious consideration of being sacked this week and next week has already and you've also got four or five players who are going to be traded or aggressively moved on and mockery shooter who is a board member. Day has basically promised that's going to happen to adelaide breath on the other hand. I don't see another leave. They comply other than doing some some moves. They've tried it aggressively see the ken talking about you know young list in an injured list but i mean it's up to you to get the ply as up to play for spot and we've seen this now five seasons in roy where the plasma should be up on not up and running away. I'll just the thing that stuns me about all that light is you go and do what you do. One week a fig it was against essendon melbourne begun to save up that stink after you just you. It's almost like bali paul football level and you got assays <unk>. Oh yeah young players injuries but when it's now been five seasons i would have made all of those. We've let go some seriously good plies analyst ease. If anyone looks at list as football. You're shit jason kane jason tatum and you look at the results and go. How is this tape middling around non tenth and eleventh. I'm going to quickly run something boy you mentioned just i want to go from the bottom up and tell me if these teams piper teams coast not just nothing nothing melvin yes. There are pipe. It tests on pipe. I look good on paper and a great guy calvin. Yes sydney no sikua none free. I know i would say free either full complement on the park. That'd be pipeline north tricky one. <hes> either piping thinks i'm just i'm running through the alliance it can pharmacies applies only -solutely and allied yes the biggest pie team. That's running around and signed outside of the at the moment is hopeful.

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