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Reports the fire could be seen shooting from the top of the apartment complex more than an hour after it was reported to cruise i'm tyler martin six seventy kdoi 633 right now traffic here's kboi's tummy gluons looking at quite a bit of extra traffic route harrison boulevard tonight the gotta closed closedoff between hayes and he'll wrote for took a treating blood traffic spilling over the 13th and 15th to use extra caution in the north end watch for those circuitry tres darting out between cars they're excited daughter sugar rush they're not looking for car so watch out for them we've also got quite a bit of congestion canyon county with the closure of midway road between karcher orchard that's causing a lot of extra traffic jam it things up on home dale karcher as well as midway between karcher and home dale wrote for the by march studios dumped on a college kboi two tv meteorologist roland steadham proven a joy mostly clear skies throughout the day today but now a changes gradually going to commence in the treasure valley in across much of the state for example tomorrow look for partly cloudy skies with temperature readings in the mid 60s then on thursday cloudy skies rain in the forecast on friday and even more showers or in the forecast on saturday fifty three now in downtown boise john emails me make at kboi dotcoms as native till our government recognizes islam for what it is and that's at the theocratic politico a movement masquerading as a religion we won't ever be able to deal with islamic terror we need to stop all visas from majority muslim countries and also revoked the visas of people already here and deport them that would stop them from coming here and hopefully apply pressure to their home governments john in boise to away three three six thirty seven hundred one thing was beca stan is there our country not on the watchlist seventy nine percent islam the new 4 k a day who sit at seven am ten am one pm and poor fee for a shot at one thousand dollars on six seven.

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