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What I believe is that the benefits that seniors get in people with disabilities was for from social security. Should not because they should stay the same increase cola but we need to obviously find sources of revenues. I am not a fan of gambling with people's income in. Really. Their security with the stock market, and so I am not a fan of privatizing social security by basically going to the stock market to support it on. You know I think that there's options. One thing we never really talked about is raising the minimum wage in the impact that that will have on social security because. So many of our lowest income Americans on are basically relying on social security. So fake in on have increase in salary in the beginning pay into it will. Obviously help. It's not going to eliminate the they imbalance, but will help it I. Think we need to look at progressive options for how we manage this but I certainly don't believe privatizing it is is the answer. Know what you're absolutely right. You are the only person in our interview series so far to. Link that issue the minimum wage to so security in in terms of people paying in at a higher rate earlier in terms of extending the program although I think you're going to get a little pushback from. Nevada, gambling industry for acquainting them with the stock market that might not that you make a phone call. After this airs. So the most recent estimates show that the social security trust funds will be exhausted by twenty thirty, five s their most recent date. It's a moving target that date but some people say those estimates are too optimistic because as we talked about earlier in the broadcast people are out of work they're not paying into the system now at minimum wage or any wage because they've lost their job in their their their they've been furloughed or laid off and they're looking for work so. What ideas do you have an we'll talk about some specifics later but to stabilize the funding for social security going forward given that you know maybe a a looming deadline for you. Know several years ago. There was a bipartisan commission that was formed to look at funding for social security and they had come up with some some options for doing that like I said I think that we need to look at on progressive options. So basically, you're most wealthy Americans sue may have other forms of retirement security retirement income may be they're not drawing as much down on social security. So I think there's options that we need to look at it and make sure that it is porting. Are Most vulnerable seniors said it's supporting the seniors who worked in put their money into the program I knowing that it would be a source of income in their senior years but there's there's several options out there. I. Think that looking at them out one by one rather than as I like to look at things comprehensively as package and so but this is gonna be something. We'll get to a critical point especially. We haven't talked about the Heroes Act in wet hits happened with the pandemic. Negotiations but the impact when you start to think the domino impact of not providing Americans with another relief package, which found the president's decision today just so disheartening, we felt like we actually pretty close to bipartisan agreement but when you think about what it's going to mean for Americans who are going to be out jobs for longer. You. Know the support that we're getting for state and local governments for Medicaid I'm just really worried in. That's why I'm going to continue to work..

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