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Tonight Him Nepalis more commonly known as Wolf's Bane is a delicate purple flower that grows in mountainous regions of the Northern Hemisphere. In fiction, the plant is used for curing the bite of a Werewolf but in reality, it contains a potent toxin called a carnitine which can be used to create lethal and fast acting poisons. Ancient Greeks. Believed that this poisonous flower was created when heracles dragged cerberus out from the land of the dead and into a sunlit field of flowers unused to some light cerberus promptly spewed. All over the field and the combination of his poisonous vomit and the fertile soil produced the toxic purple blossoms. The story of the field of Wolf, Spain is a good example of services dual nature on the one hand. He's a terrifying monster with poisonous saliva but on the other, he's just a dog even though his for is riding with snakes, he still exhibits those qualities that humans find. So endearing the pitiful wine that cuts right to your heart or the fear of the unknown that we find. So relatable. cerberus gave up trying to bite the lion man. Once they reached the bright place for one thing the light hurt his eyes and made him sick. But more importantly, they weren't home anymore his job was to keep people from leaving home. If he didn't have to do his job anymore, there was no reason to bite the lion man cerberus was free to truck behind him stopping occasionally to take in the incredible assortment of smells that now surrounded him in the city there were a thousand different people odors and a new food sent around every corner cerberus wanted to be friendly to the people but most of them ran away as soon as they saw him. He was used to that there were plenty of people at home who didn't WanNa play with him either. Finally they came to a palace like the one where Haiti's lived but smaller and not black the lion man lead cerberus into a big room where a smaller man was sitting on a chair he could smell the small man's fear and it made his heart starts racing before the lion man had held him back every time he wanted to run off. Now he gave cerberus pat on the rump and told him to go play with the little man. CERBERUS bounded up to the human, his tail wagging and his tongues hanging out of his mouths. The little man tried to hide but cerberus found him he jumped onto his chest and took in the rich sent of fear and urine before batting him around with his paws, he could hear the lion man behind him laughing. Finally the lion man pulled cerberus. And took him back.

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