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Give its latest nuclear test and underground detonation estimated to be as far as much as five times the yield of the nagasaki bomb pyongyang says the device was small enough to fit onto a missile defense secretary james mattis huddled at the white house with president trump and vice president pence any threat to the united states towards territory including or our allies will be met with a massive military response for responsible affective and overwhelming the un security council meets in another emergency session tomorrow houston mayor sylvester turner insists much of his city is hoping to get back on track by tuesday that's despite cruise shutting off crucitti instill flooded areas of west houston as flood control engineers release water from overloaded reservoirs the mayor says and other priorities removing enormous amounts of debris at quicker we can get that gone it will lift their spirits and the fvo real and they will feel better about the neighborhood and about their conditions at the arkin plant and crosby texas authorities started a control burn of highly unstable chemical compounds that have been exploding in recent days california governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in los angeles county a wild fire that started friday as black and six thousand acres and destroyed at least three homes he'd smoky here in la right now like a fog hanging over the area had smells like a barbecue firefighters are still in an intense battle but they say things are getting better it's cooling down a bit from over one hundred degrees to the mid ninety abc's alex stone in los angeles death of iraq and roller official website announced the death of see lead and cofounder walter becker no cause of death given steely dan as a long string of hits sold more than forty million albums snap becker sixty seven years old when he passed this is abc news pressures offer base buildings only on could windows loser accessory economic recovery we've all.

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