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Just saying I'm just laying it out as much as I like Jay white. The people that have come before him, evil definitely killed bullet club. People did. But Finn Balor, A.J. Styles, Kenny Omega, J white. He did well with that, but he pales in comparison to the people that led before him. That's an unfair murder. That's just the way it goes. When you run, if degeneration actually NWO, once you get somebody that's not to the level of Hogan, if Conan ran the NWO, and as much as I like Conan, LW, but you'd be like, this is average. Like Jay white has not exceeded the level of his predecessors. From Finn Balor when Finn Balor handed it off to A.J. Styles. AJ? Yeah. Yeah, AJ went next. The game elevated for bullet club. Yeah, they added a lot more. And A.J. Styles game elevated. Even though A.J. Styles are amazing in TNA impact, when you got to do Japan is when it just took off. Then Kenny Omega came in, we know Kenny could wrestle. But then he became the cleaner. And he became like the man. Jay white came in, he hasn't done it. Now, yes, it part of it is because of the pandemic. Harvest 'cause the evil and the booking, but Jay white has not also argue there wasn't like a smooth Kenny handoff to Jay. Jay turned on Kenny and got rid of him. Yeah, but it was like, it was very choppy, people knew. It didn't feel as good as nothing. Well, I'm saying, look, maybe it's 'cause of J white doesn't those guys. But it didn't feel like Finn Balor had a bangers of matches. A.J. Styles had incredible matches. Kenny Omega's had incredible incredible matches. What is Jay white's most memorable match? I can't remember it offhand. He's not a 5 star match. But therein lies my issues. They realize my issue with Jay white. He's good, but he's never going to be the guy. And this wrestle kingdom punctuated that because you left wrestle kingdom going all right. You can't not have a good match with you. No, Seth Rollins is one of the best in the world in the ring. Win or lose like Seth Rollins is incredible. He's just a shitty baby face. It's just the way it is and I love Seth Rollins, but it's not his fault. It's just they take the teeth off of Seth, it's not fun anymore. Yeah. No. Jay white is more Cody Rhodes in terms of character in ring, like he's a good character as Cody. No, but Cody had to grow into that. Dashing Cody wrote, I always maintain. I like Cody in ring. Dash and Cody rose. You fantastic. You make great things out of shitty gimmicks. But Jay white, he's just not that dude. But he's a really good dude. He's still so young. That doesn't matter. And everybody will caught up. When you have, again, when you have will last spring in your company, when you have single takagi in your company, when you have to hear ishii and your company, when you have all these guys in your company, they can work damn near 5 star matches. With their eyes closed, you have to elevate your game. I think that's okay in WWE, because you don't have to have 5 stars all the time. Maybe, but because of that, he gets a little lost in the shelf. I think he gets lost and shows WWE because they have, look, we don't know what's gonna happen with Randy Orton, right? Randy Orton was like the epitome of like, when I need a heel, it's Randall Keith Orton. Yes, sir. Right? And right now Roman's guy, Austin theory is clearly working his way into this great heel role. If Jay white were to show up, I don't know where he fits. If WWE, again, I think he's a really good heal. But now, and I'm operating like Vince McMahon's not taking over tomorrow. But in a trip rule H booked version of WWE, I think he is what you want out of a heel. He's not super small and not super big. He could work enough. His promos would be really good. He really sharpened his promo work. And he just seems like a natural asshole. The only thing is now I think outside of people worked in a company before, because they have identities. Trips had a plan for them, playing got fucked up, you bring them back. Even though I think they're signing too many people, but they're signing them to put them back into the roles. He had envisioned anyway. He's not creating Blaine canvases with any of these people. Right. Like everyone he's bringing back, they're just going back to where he saw them three years ago. Bronson Reed, everybody. He's going to put them where he thought they would be. Yeah. Ellie knight's a good example. When they signed manic steel, it's like, what the fuck is this guy going to do? And everyone's like, no, Eli, Drake's great. How does this fit? Trips is like, this is the role I saw him in back then. We're going to put him here. Everyone has slid back into those roles. When you sign new people, I've created new roles and fit them into the building blocks of things. I look at it and say, Jay white to heal. It means the best epitome of a heel. I don't really see him as a baby. Kind of needs a faction?

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