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I feel like if john burns. Paul had gotten to the finish line. There's a little bit faster he'd be brad pitt. They're very similar dudes. There's a lot of lip clipping Licking there's a lot of interesting acting. There's a lot of like have seen the monarch where work the mother fucking accountant. I'm ashamed. I've seen it so many times. No it's good. I like it at the damon. It's been it's been it's been anyway. Oh yes it has the punisher in it. And he's doing no disrespect to the man. He's doing a brad pitt impression. Basically he's like come on simon. And you're gonna lemme hit you twice in the same spot. That's good like he should be eating an apple and saying apple mammals we go. There can only be one even if someone could do a perfect brad pitt in another movie the very rarely although i think there's a couple of fast benders going around but isn't isn't slater. Nicholson without without time. With armageddon deep impact. It would have a slater in a nicholson. He didn't have was the like you. Were pretty sure. Nicholson would stab you. And i don't think you ever felt like slater would stab you. Christian slater not ac. Yes maybe stemming anybody dips would love. I'm gonna say that i'm enjoying this. Podcast touted ten. Thanks buddy i wou i but we and it's not even but and we are talking about what we want to talk about and if anyone's enjoying it we did it but this is mixed. How do you mean. I mean it's not necessarily for everybody i'm not saying. Oh yes what i'm saying. Is whoever you out and still they got out when they're if they're gonna fucking tell what happened to bob. I'm not i can't well. They're not listening to this podcast. If they're like. I listened for clean tight linear stories where the host i love. I love a cruise ship. Right to bob story was the cruise and we would stop but we stopped at little islands along the way if you think. The point of a story is the end. You're you're misinterpreting so people are going to hate me for this but not you hit. It's what i love about. Stand up when you're telling a story and you're like oh i can go over here for a while. We call it for big laying. Yes for big liang in. does it also good. If when you're like. I can go here for a while. People they go to disneyworld and take out the map. Just keep it asunder outfielder. Yes just would feel the titillation in your heart when you go. Which is is that pirates. Right where do you think you are a bad neighborhood everywhere. You go with something fun in line. Yes and guess what. This is a seinfeld thing. It's sign language. I've never seen him. Do it live but he goes. It's not the movie driving to the movies. It's one of the keys of life when that line the drive to movie. Oh yeah and if you think the even this podcast the point is me saying so. What was it like being from rochelle. Get the fuck out of here. That's why you know it's not for everybody. But i like living. Like whatever's happening is what's happening. It's my good. My family has a little cottage. Little cabinet wisconsin You know to my best highlights every time. There's a little kid pulling into the driveway walking down to the beach. Yeah it's the it's on the way. Yes and i said this. So old fi bridge phoebe. Richardson my largo. But she was a surprise guest. Yeah i'm on stage. How much of a surprise to you. Well i know okay. You knew from the joe. I didn't know if the day before we look for fun. Fun your fun. And you're smart and you're valid and you're kind things about everything's fine. No ridicule there. She could have been booked by largo would have been surprised because planning will say. Do you like what do you think. That's right but in that case Fields planning impression. She had done in my pocket so i reached up to her. So that's what was happening. So i knew i was in the know and then I would've i. I'm i'm losing track. Oh right i said to the audience. Who only knew that. An amazing musical guest was there. I said look. I'm about to bring out the musical gaff but this moment Before you know who it is when the fuses. Now it's it's drive and it's not the cast and i said this to them. What did i say i said. As soon as i say their name so great and as soon as they come out no it's gonna be great but if you're immediately going to start evaluating it it's just what human beings do How is it going and oftentimes by the way in phoebe case. It's it's performing beyond expectation. She's opening with fucking motion sickness. She's going crazy strong but a lot of times. Let's take a movie. let's take bridge out. You go to a movie. Sorta opens its comedy. Wasn't that funny. And he started doing it. And you realize there's so many ways to be let down as soon as you invite you're evaluating brain into the experi arclight la. but what. i'll miss most about the arc. Light is walking up the steps. That's what i'm saying. Same man that was my first thing when they said it's not real purview. Doesn't know arc light but there's there's some talks. Yeah but i'm just saying we all thought we lost it for a while and we still think we might right. But they have a huge grand'place it feels like where you would see movies. It looks like the titanic. Yes blase about some things rose but not about the arc. Light rose always win jack. Ooh very good look. Like i'll take it. I'll go saying you'd zane me all day. Silent laughing that whole time not good not good silent but that walk. That's the first thing. I thought was having a dan. Let me tell you something when you're dying your one hundred fifteen. I can't believe made it. Thank you incredible. You and bob almost one hundred and seventy point I think the images that are gonna flash.

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