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Member FDIC copyright 2018 Capital One trying to justify putting both berry and Roger Clemens in. But after seeing some interviews today with some hall of famers, and with some players that were their contemporaries who play with them back when when when they were just absolutely dominating major league baseball. There's still no I I don't want to say no love lost. But there's still no, you know, nobody's really upset that Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens are not getting in the hall of fame. And of course, we all understand why that is is because of the the possibilities in berries case because it's never really been. I it's never been out. Now proven I guess that is use performance enhancing drugs. But there's still a speculation out there regarding both of them in that era. And the thought is is that, hey as long as they're tied to that as long as there is no. Remorse given on both parts. And and and Katie you talked about it before the show in regards to how Roger Clemens has handled this situation. We all understand how Barry Bonds handle it. He's been silent. Right. He hasn't talked about it at all. And it's not been a topic that he brings up I've had a chance to interview him at events here in Las Vegas, and and and is always off limits. Anything anything re in regards to any of that stuff? He doesn't want to talk about. So it's mean, I guess I understand it. But at the same time, it's gonna cost them because they're not going to get a chance to be immortalized. That's the thing. I mean, if they came out like Andy Pettitte, and they came out and said, look, it was the era we played in and most people feel that bonds and Clemens were clean for a good portion of their career Clemens with his years with the Red Sox bonds years with the buckles. And then afterwards, you know, what there were a lot of people doing it. They're figuring. What if they're doing it? We're doing it and just enhance them so much. And when you see the size difference of Barry Bonds, you know, from his his biceps on his head being. In two sizes bigger. Whatever was I mean, you know, you know, what existed and you start seeing these numbers. And so maybe we didn't put it together with the Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire when they're doing this home run chase because you know, McGuire was a big guy. But then when you look back at his rookie picture when he's coming out of USC, and you look and you're like, wow, he did bulk up pretty good. But we will remember the bash brothers with can say going Maguire's, we figured he's a big guy. You know, we're not. We're not sure about him. We're not sure Sosa big guy. We're not sure. And of course, not only Sosa with the with the steroids. But also with the cork bat for the love of God got busted with that too. So, but yeah, so they I remember Lance Berkman saying, you know, it sucks because I'm in an era where the Mitchell report and all this stuff comes out. And there are a lot of people that usually goes, and it sucks because I'm a husky built guy. And so people right away are lumping me together thinking he used because look at them, you know, and they're just judging you by looks and you have the extrordinary seasons. Don't you can how about this nineteen ninety three ninety four Brady Anderson? Right. You talked about berry. He goes from thirteen fifty two home runs in that season. And I remember actually going down because that was the first year that I believe that Camden Yards opened up. And I was in college time we drove down from Boston down to Camden Yards to see the Orioles play the Tigers. And that's one of the Tigers had the Mickey tattle tins assess fielders, you know, they had like all the guys they hit over twenty home runs that season. And it was our economy speculation a lot of baseball fans minds as to what was going on. And then all of a sudden Brady Anderson's hitting fifty plus bomb brain again and hitting fifty. Are you kidding me? Both guys are. Shooting fifty nine on.

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