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You did so well, you Adam and eve. Welcome back to today's podcast with the Brown chicken Brown cow show we're talking to Connie subject of the body positive, and I think monkeys around here somewhere two or maybe you're hanging out. There is Connie. Are you still there? Phil here. Ooh, awesome. So I think we left off at you guys are launching online courses or online classes or China training their little tidbits. So anybody anywhere could could take these classes or your website? Yes. And it's really funny because launched in April and we have people all over the world. We had someone from South Africa, take the professional orange ation course that we have and we have people from different countries literally all over. It's really exciting. That's so exciting. So it's something where you sign up for classes at a certain time online, or do you know download materials or go through a module? Yeah, it's all self study, which is great and we're gonna create. So this first phase of study. So yeah, what I love to is that you can take one horse to see if you like it. We've priced it to make it really reasonable for people to be able to access it. And then if you like, what you see in one you can then take the whole bundle and still get the bundle discount for all five of the competency courses. So that part, I really liked about it and then it's for anybody who wants to do their work, and then the professionals can just they pay a little bit extra and get their continuing education hours. So we're really trying to make the people and you can do it anytime anywhere you can stop and start. Yeah, it's great. That sounds great. Sit. Tell tell us a little more we mentioned earlier that you have a new. Class called queer bodies, applying the body positive model to the LGBTQ plus community. Can you talk a little bit to what what that's going to be about? Yes. And as I said before, we're just very, very excited about this new workshop. So it's being taught by MD. Spicer size are socio director. They came on board with us about a year ago and just brought so much rich to our work around taking and tailoring our work to me, they'll be plus community. So this is our first. This is their first teaching moment with us, and they're going to take the competencies if our model and show people that people..

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