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Maybe I can afford not to make the playoffs and not make some sort of a run, you know, the new the New York Rangers are going through. Hey, they never wanna Stanley Cup. But they were a perennial winter. It's time to hit the reset button Boston, you know, they can be in that situation too. If they wanted to they want to Challenge Cup in two thousand eleven went to a Stanley ca follow in two thousand thirteen perennial playoff team. Columbus is not a perennial playoff team. They've never been out of the first round before never really tested getting out of the first round before. And I think we'll. Borowski? They can now I know Bob has never had any kind of run in the playoffs. But with this team healthy with a coach that's won the Stanley Cup of four. You know? I certainly see value in keeping those guys. And what's Pittsburgh? What's washington? I mean, we're waiting for these teams to wake up, and they just haven't, you know, Pittsburgh four five and one in their last ten games. Washington has been in a Malays. Now feels like over a month four four and two in their last ten games. They're going up against a divisional Ponant granted they play the night before. But seven shots in the first twenty f-, forty minutes of the game a little ridiculous. They did have thirteen shots in the third period. Did really put the pressure on Columbus survived it. They won the game three nothing. And I think they deserve a tremendous amount of credit for what they were able to accomplish. And I and I think we should start talking about what this hockey team is doing on the ice. Instead of what might happen will Aaron have LeBron's sqi. Nice win for the Bruins six three over the Chicago. Blackhawks Chicago Seven game winning streak. Bruins get a couple of call goals from. David Krejci, and he wakes himself up. This could be a team to be. They got the news about David pasternack being out at least two weeks with the injured thumb. He's going to have surgery on that. So maybe create she can kind of fill in there, and they can get through because this is also a team that wants to make sure that they can finish in the top spot not have to settle for a wild card there in a battle with Montreal. That surprised a lot of people. That's good win for the Boston. Bruins sabres desperate for when they get it over the islanders three one. Islanders three game winning streak goes by the boards. Buffalo gets another goal from Jeff Skinner he is really had a tremendous season. So far of this team can squeeze into the playoffs. There might actually get some consideration. For MVP's got thirty four goals on the season Palmdale with thirteen and the backbreaker for the islanders was the O'Hanlon goal is fifth coming at seventeen thirty five of the third period to put the game away. So islanders miss an opportunity to widen their gap on Washington who lost but the sabres so desperate to try to get into the playoffs for the first time, and it feels like forever. Ever knocking on the door buffalo now sixty three points to back a Pittsburgh with the same out of games? Played Carolina picked up a win as they defeated the out of a center it's four to one they spotted Ottawa an early lead four unanswered goals. Teravainene scores again for the hurricanes. So they're one point back a Pittsburgh, but they played one more game. But here's the rub Pittsburgh's got twenty eight ro- wins, Buffalo's got twenty four so as of right now, let's buffalo could make up that gap. They're going to have to beat Pittsburgh outright. Pittsburgh's next game is going to be tonight against Edmonton..

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