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News talk eight fifty W F T, Al West Palm, Beach Wellington Oakland park. From ABC news. I'm Todd ant. The news broke late Friday night with a major development in the fight over ObamaCare US district. Judge read O'Connor in Texas has ruled President Obama's Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. But the law remains in place while the ruling is appealed Dr David Hamilton co-founder of physicians for a national health program spoke to ABC News Radio. We knew that this judge who's really right wing. Judge hearings was saying was giving indications he would overrule the ACA. But what he's done is to say that the entire ata is unconstitutional and striking the whole thing down including the protections for pre existing conditions and all the other parts of the law. President Trump tweeted that he predicted all along that the Affordable Care Act would be ruled unconstitutional and President Trump announcing that budget director, Mick Mulvaney, will be as next chief of staff replacing John Kelly. Michael Cohen spoke in an interview with ABC that aired Friday on good Morning America, saying President Trump directed into by the silence of two women during the. Two thousand sixteen campaign because he was concerned their stories of alleged affairs with him would affect the election growing questions after the death of a young girl in custody of the US border patrol. Federal authorities say she and her father crossed into the country illegally. Here's ABC's chief national affairs correspondent Tom yomas. The department of homeland security is launching an investigation into the death of a seven-year-old girl who was in their custody. The government says she illegally crossed into the US and was detained by border patrol. DHS has Jacqueline. Call McKean was offered food and water and showed no sign. She was sick hours later. She was vomiting before border patrol put her on a bus for a transfer. When paramedics reached her ninety minutes later. The little girl was not breathing and had to be revived. She was airlifted to a hospital where she died of septic shock a day later secretary of homeland security Kirsten Nielsen saying her heart goes out to the family..

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