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Garcia fears of a corona virus outbreak have now led to a demand for protective masks that has led to an increase in prices and a shortage in supply ten orange the manager of the medical equipment store in New York receive over fifty phone calls we have may be thirty to forty people walk in and ask for a mask but health officials say the only people who really need those masks are the doctors who will need to be protected while treating patients the CDC is asking the public not to buy or hoard masks meanwhile in California health officials are still trying to figure out how a woman came down with corona virus without any direct exposure health officials here in California are trying to find anyone who had contact with the female patients California governor Gavin Newsom this is a very detailed protocol that is well established that pre dates this particular virus state health officer Dr Sonia Angell says this includes friends family members and coworkers contacting any individuals who might have been exposed and they're isolating them it's still not clear how the woman contracted the virus and that has a forties concerned Steve Futterman CBS news Los Angeles a rough day on Wall Street the Dow plunged nearly twelve hundred points in business analysts say the markets will remain volatile while fears over coronavirus persist right now Dow futures are down about four hundred points a new study from the governors highway safety association says pedestrian deaths hit a thirty year high last year more than sixty five hundred people were killed and that's a five percent increase from twenty eighteen here's A. B. as news transportation correspondent Kris van cleave distracted driving and walking with smartphones are factors as are drug and alcohol abuse twenty one year old Angelina Penedo was walking to her sister's house in Redondo Beach California when she was killed by a hit and run driver may be the sister had the most amazing sold three quarters of pedestrian deaths happen at night most on local roads and away from intersections alcohol impairment by the driver and or the pedestrian was reported in about half of fatal traffic accidents water water everywhere in Houston Texas K. H. O. U. T. V. reporter grace white tells us why hours the water kept rising three people rescued a dozen cars stranded city officials say the problem was a leaky water line a city contractor was on site to fix it but when they moved to third on top it blew the pipe that broke apart while undergoing repairs supplies as much as fifty percent of the drinking water to the nation's fourth largest city this is CBS news traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes it's too old three and downtown ninety three southbound is moving slowly with three lanes taken from Sullivan square over the se coming through the o'neill tunnel on the mass pike east and westbound you gonna slow down with two lanes closed in the provincial tunnel both sides covered bridge inbound has a lane closure but no delays river roads and airports tunnels are looking good west of the city mass pike west bound in west Newton you gonna slow down passing a doubling closure by route sixteen and Westboro for ninety five north has minor delays between the pike and route nine where you're down a lane route two and route nine are looking good south of the city expressway south is moving freely northbound has a right lane closure by south Hampton street that won't slow you down ninety three south and can watch for work crews after route twenty four north of the city you're in good.

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