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Days all about the Pentium yes I remember that I mean we have to do to run defrag well and back in those days it was like seventy five the Pentium ninety than Pentium one hundred like those are exponential changes now year after year the chips aren't like double fast you know I'm used to be that conversation all the time well what speed what three processor you have yeah it's not like the software right now demands any of the hardware the you can get the computer so now it's more about what is the screen look like what's the resolution to have four K. because computers are play fast for what we do with them does the built in camera come with a cover on it yeah yeah use blue painter's tape so don't leave residue it's so funny I see so many laptops at work with a Scotch tape over the little built in camera I'm like wow people are really paranoid they are and but it was really funny when they showed who was it bees Sir somebody knows are yet now is book had the tape Sekhemre sucker bird with tape yeah in if he's doing that means he knows there's no defending their city here Google has added tell me to their maps live view so if you have an android you can do it right now and it's coming down to apple iOS and it's called live view and what that means is if you're using walking directions with Google maps you look through the camera and it shows you arrows on the overlay of what you're looking at live street view yes live street view it basically shows you where to walk how to walk where to turn on the streets instead of following UP dot you ever see people they start taking a few steps one way they look at their phone up in a turnaround either way I have taken a few steps that way I'm just waiting for my GPS to catch up to it so I know how which street to go down it eliminates all that there are a lot of thought applications for that and now I'm looking that up right now yeah so I live live earth maps and three sixty view in Google earth and all kinds of stuff so yeah are they doing a live camera view as from cameras around the world yeah well it's from camera it's it's from the camera on your phone so instead of staring at a map and following a blue Datsun you're looking through the camera in its overlaying like arrows of where to walk in the real world so there's another component of that I'm just looking this up that so when you do it when I'm I use street the alarm when I'm looking at buildings are we got to do something side I'm a girl let me just take a quick peek at what it looks like from the street and a cruise down the street they're also now incorporating a live camera view if there are cameras out about that are publicly accessible lawyers want to Julie and that they are we show our cave yeah corporation actual real live video view to some of your views so that's another way they're doing that as well I just looked up in Australia came up with this because the cameras yeah this one is actually for like walking directions gotcha and and I've done that plenty of times where I'm like I'll start walking one way no wait I don't think now the error of their turn around go the other way so this is sort of to eliminate that and it's very handy yeah I was very cool so Hey we got take a break okay let's do that when we come back but we'll talk to Liz okay you other people call in and one hundred seven six zero KFMB one eight.

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