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Still has considerable firepower to call on As shown by its bombardment of Ukraine's towns and cities British military intelligence says it's being used to try to break Ukraine's morale But if the invasion is proving hard any occupation could turn out to be even tougher The head of the UN's nuclear watchdog says he's extremely concerned about reported communication difficulties between the Ukrainian regulator and nuclear sites under Russian control Rafael grassi said there were worries about risks to nuclear safety at Zappos and Chernobyl This woman who were not naming has a relative working inside each a noble plant she told us she had a message from her relative to be relayed to the IAEA Somehow to manage the process of rotation between the shifts because it could first of all there is no staff that responsible for some of the processes and functions at Chernobyl plant So they actually have a success to some control systems there I mean the staff which is currently there Second of all it's that they're exhausted and their health state could affect the normal function of nuclear plant Our correspondent in Brussels Bethany bell told us more about mister grasse's safety concerns The technical operation of the power plant now needs approval from the Russian commander to do anything in terms of management And that he says is something that goes against security standards He says that people should be able to work and do their technical work without undue pressure He said the reports he's getting from Ukraine say that workers at that plant are now having to take their orders from the Russian commander there The second thing he said he was very worried about is these difficulties and restrictions in communications He says that the reports from Ukraine say that telephone lines have been cut that they have some poor mobile phone connections but the normal channels of communication including email including the Internet including facts and now interrupted and he said that as well is another very key pillar of nuclear security that there should at all times be ease of communication between the operator of the plant and the nuclear regulators He's also offered to go to Ukraine to speak to both sides to try and negotiate a way that those security pillars can be maintained and secured Bethany bell The social networking site TikTok has barred Russian users from uploading new content It blamed restrictive media laws passed last week in Moscow Under the measure anyone who doesn't follow the Russian government line in their reporting of the conflict risks a 15 year prison sentence The streaming company Netflix has also suspended all services in Russia in protest against the invasion Here's our business reporter Simon browning TikTok will no longer allow its 70 million users in Russia to upload new videos or to live stream This means they'll only be able to send videos and text messages to others or access old video content The Chinese own platform has said the safety of its employees and users was its top priority The invasion in Ukraine has been called the first TikTok war because of the volume of videos of the conflict that have been uploaded some have been questioned for their authenticity TikTok has also faced some criticism because its Chinese owners haven't directly spoken out about the war like Facebook so no matter which one that Russians had been cut off from reliable information Simon browning Paul Ceres joins us with the latest sports news Manchester City were four one winners over Manchester United in the Derby with two goals each from Kevin De Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez helping the reigning English Premier League champions to reestablish a 6 point advantage over Liverpool at the top of the table In Sunday's other match arsenal beat Watford three two at vicarage road to move into the Premier League's top four Ferran Torres and Memphis depay came off the bench to get their goals as Barcelona came from behind to beat el chade two one in La Liga chavi said are up to third in the table Elsewhere let you go Madrid won three one away at Betty's to move above their opponents into the top four In Italy Milan went to the top of Serie A with a one zero win away at Napoli Olivier Giroud with the only goal of the game at the study O Diego Armando Maradona while Juventus were one nil winners over spezia Elliot khachi ran the third fastest race of his career to win the Tokyo marathon with his compatriot brigid kosgei taking the women's race in a double victory for Kenya and day three at the winter paralympics underway in Beijing there are a total of 14 medal events in the Chinese capital to come The first of them went the way of Japan's taiki kawaji in the men's long distance standing cross country skiing and one of the all time greats in winter games history has added another goal to his collection Brian mckeever of Canada is taking part in his final games and has just won the men's 20 kilometer visually impaired race for career winter Paralympic gold number 14 The United Nations says at least one and a half million people have now fled Ukraine since the war began with Poland saying more than 960,000 people have arrived there Among them are patients from children's cancer hospitals our correspondent Mark lowen sent this report from the Polish city of Bohemia.

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