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Unlike any other Ladell and Silvy on ESPN one thousand thirteen Greco's in studio right now every Monday Wednesday and Friday brought to you by Chicago. Cut steakhouse to see Bob Costas is retiring from NBC after forty years trying to upstage Marty Brennaman mardi retiring after forty six years reds. And I love the news story about Brennaman says the man who calls come fans the most obnoxious people in the world is retired nailed it. And Tom's been doing reds games. Forever. T has. Yeah. The story earlier. I sent I ask merkin for Marty's number because I want to send mardi a nice heartfelt text. I listened to Marty and Joe nuxhall the late Joe nuxhall growing up in Cincinnati. With the big red machine was tender roundup. Third and heading home. That was great American gave me a number Senate tax, fifteen minutes later after pouring my heart out in the texts. Somebody texting back said haha wrong number. Sorry. I'm not mardi Hugo. I remember when I was in college, and I drove down to Cincinnati. And you know, what I just wanted to be sports caster. There's Marty Brennaman at the bar in this restaurant, and they got up the nerve to go talk to him. He couldn't have been nicer. He was the most encouraging gentlemen, ever sent me on my way, unless you told him you're a cub fan, and then he would ripped. I was gonna tease it for forty five. Now, we're on the subject he called the show. Yeah. So Waddle Waddle told the story today. He texted the wrong number. This is a true story. He he merkin did not then get him on. He was listening. I don't know why daughter lives in Chicago. And she listens to the station quite a bit. And she was in town because Marty was going to make the announcement. And they were listening to the show lights supposedly. That's how great is that. So then he told us to reach you guys. Have he wants to kiss and make up with cubs fans? Take a listen this from earlier, I hope when I come to Wrigley this summer that the cubs fans will let bygones be bygones, it'd be nice to me. And I in turn will be nice to. That's true. Yes. Happened and it's over with. And and I don't I don't even think about that. When I come into Chicago anymore. Yes, he wants to survive through retirement. It was all part of the gig to you got. Announcer a kind of a bit. But. He's the best. He's great Tom's. Awesome. Kostas? Of course, we'll keep doing MLB network and a bunch of other stuff waiting for other offers. I mean, he's he's the absolute machine there's nobody better than Bob. He's been the voice of many sports the Olympics. The NBA for a time Olympic coverage. Some sun him. I thought he basically going to have pink eye double pink. Now, isn't that? What didn't Mike to Rico took over? He did a duties. And did a great job. I thought he handed the torch them. ABC out him. When you read is the torch in her right knee. Hey, what's on your mind? Most today is the Dan Lozano statement about Manny Machado on the White Sox. Is that? Yeah. I thought it was very poignant. I mean, here's an agent who's basically had it with, you know, Bob, Nightingale and BUSTER only and everybody else going back and forth. It's a seven year deal for one seventy five. It's an eight year deal for over two. It's just back and forth. Just like, you know, stop just stop which I hope this is done by SOX fest. It's gotta be next week. Please. Why does it have to be because I'm tired of hearing? Gary editon sign socks they didn't know what they're doing by SOX fest. They really do because then spring training is two weeks away after that. Do you? Tell him the debate we were having with cap. Well, I I said on cap show cap, and I were talking and cap said to me after he had talked with I think Jim bowdoin. That's Jim bowdoin was telling him that, you know, all of these players are wanting shorter-term deals or they may alternately want player options. And I said the cabinet said, look, I don't care Manny Machado wants out after two years on I'm on the south side. I give him a contract if even if he leaves after two years of cab says absolutely not they're not ready to win now. So you're paying Manny Machado for two years. And then he could get up and leave right? When you're getting ready to win. And I so again, what's the downside to signing. Manny Machado to a deal that would allow him to get out of said deal after two years that he's not gonna be around for when you are ready to win while he'll be you could resigning. The White Sox could use a boost vac rent Ritchie's this deal. Let's..

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