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I think joking correctly. But how much do they add up all expectations like a good like eleven alabama supreme long. Yeah absolutely and that's that's kind of the beauty of it. You know because anytime you feel down anytime you feel like life is presenting you a challenge you call and them become lord of the rings. Is that challenge. You know is that absolute auto is joni through difficulties into pretty much salvation. In fact i'd say in relevance to the topic we're looking at lord of the rings of the books and the films are probably media. Wise the most close you'll come to actually being in the fantasy world just because of how long that you'll be spending on them due to their length but if you book wise film wise one hundred very massive worlds i love reading either Rings or the hubbert. Whenever i can. I mean obviously. There are other books in the series like similar. Really the only very few people actually read lawrence but i just love. Sometimes this is what i do for the year it will be either a song of ice and fire all the rings or high potter. That will spend quite a long time in that. He's wilson and littering has to be the one at the time that it's always going to be number one for me and not only because of how great it is and how much of a precursor was the fantasy boosted followed but because of all the christian literary elements that it has in it because of who token himself was and even noneya for the same reasons. I enjoy Even though you know louis has been more paganism into it but absolutely it's gonna be a waste my number one. Fantasy world to indulge him. I'm very glad you brought that up because again without toki we would not have the absolutes media giants that we have today in my opinion i feel like his vote contributions in his contributions to literature Entertainment general are absolutely huge. Like you would not have star wars without lord of the rings and most of. I do want to emphasize that we all are aware that lord the is not the first ever fantasy rated apps. There were novels before that the do the archetypes in some of the races in the semi idea. But tolkien's is by far the most iconic based on its time and how much its consequences have been reaching throughout literature and media. That's right thirdly in you know you you obviously mentioned song vice on fire. And that's another giant of all time and you know again. It's it's obviously as you mentioned on the scale of like tokens impact especially with the more than lackluster tv. Show that later but you know how do you wanna talk about supervising fire. While would you prefer to that world and will. Actually i mean i think i think we should probably save that one for a segment later because i don't think it's as positive of a world. Yes so let's let's stick to things we would actually want to be in that regardless of you know circumstance. Absolutely absolutely i'd say of you brought one up But the sci-fi fantasy like star wars you know. would you want to exist. In any of the time eras that economy the star wars universe not just the current films or even the sequels prequels. But even though you know thousands of years before bio rpg's that were made history in star wars. You would love to exist in one of the star wars worlds and it's actually one of my favorites in my opinion especially right now with the rise of the mandalorian i feel like the mandalorian is the perfect world where i would choose to live in living in the star wars universe..

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