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To move you forward josh. I gotta be honest. I'd like to hear about any of mine is offensive line. Really walking down the position. Now i'm not saying you know off the decks is gonna little tackle job. I guess we see a little bit from travis wink but we have not heard a lot of you know stellar feedback on this offensive line since training camp began. You know we could say that. The dolphins defense is pretty damn good and that's true but you know we are hoping to hear some sort of growth from from all these guys. I mean the reason. He defended this group so hired a lot of people dead against being kind of their young. You know the year to growth is going to be But i don't think we've really heard that phrase about austin jackson and then when you look at the situation with i-compared josh. She started last eat practices berry jackson for track ati practices he started at left guard. He started the preseason or training camp go subjects in those up a break tackle. So there's also the idea. Maybe they're just flipping guys in announced she however really works together. Ci different situations unfold. Whether you know right tackle goes down. Maybe kidney goes down at left guard but today it did seem like a negative tone. Maybe that little cloud over it. That bird was a demotion So kinley josh. I get the idea with this group and it could be trying to spins on the situation of course but it seems like an offensive line. That's built with kinley hunt. Jackson is a group that might perform a lot. Better defending pass rush. They would a running back. And i think that's where we see the dolphins vision going towards set of drafting that top tier running back. You can kinda get by with miles. Guests can make the most out of a tough situation and then catch a couple balls mexico too. And i think again you just wanna see one of these young players truly grasp that you know whether it's the starting guard spot whether it's right tackle whatever it is us want to see one of those guys you know own that and become that. I mean robert haunts. Probably the closest example. We have right on. This offense may besides all subjects shout out to him that it was his birthday. But i mean. I think that transitions perfectly into this. The offense and again. I had somebody tweeting me throughout the day. Kind of gave me a little bit of hints here and there as to how to it was looking how some of these other guys heard. The jalen had a huge catch. Sixty plus yards also heard that came grant had a pretty big game back to back so it sounded like it was more of the same from talking about lowest sound like he was accurate decisive in his decision making but again. How much of that was just you know early. On in an scrimmage because yes he's teams are going head to head but you know there were plenty of restrictions in place for these different teams to protect themselves from injury and some of these other things so again. I heard you know maybe some of these plays we've taken back from a sack year there. Whatever it might be but overall it sound like tucson below was out there delivering. And i mean. That's really all you'd want to expect against again. A very good secondary. Yeah i think the key is the fact. He's looking comfortable josh. I think that's whatever. He'll beat writers really repeating themselves over and over. I mean with ryan tannehill. I guarantee their stories. We could dig up about hypnotic uncomfortable in training camp as leader. He's a decision. He didn't even know the divisions. Exactly exactly so so you kinda get where we're coming from. And the fact he looks comfortable. I do think it started off where he was sacked. Any fumbled on the play. I thought i read that summer. But it doesn't make sense. It's not sacking the quarterback. But i did pick up for him And then you mentioned it while has a strong performance. I'm really started interested about this receiving battle josh. Because we're not hearing a bunch of devante parker. I think he makes the team either way up. But when you keep hearing names instead keen grant popping up. I mean alan hearns popped up today even though that by the bit because he was trying to start a fight or than making plays but where does the direction of this receiving core going. I mean robert foster at one candidate catch today. Yeah jacob heard about the robert foster one-handed grabbed jacoby percent huge gain there and another thing i j. I don't know if you saw chicago. Bears beat writer. Said that mac collins was eight and i quote problem you know. He's listed two things. He listened to takeaways from this camp and from this practice and the first one was about. You know the defense offense line. Whatever is the second one was that mac collins was a problem he was out there dunking on the chicago bears. So just to your point jake. You know we sat here and we kept saying how much differ this receiving core. Look to as obviously going out there. I think they listed off. We was starting to it was literally the two thousand twenty receiving corpse with jalen. Wadden he's going out there picking up the ghost oppressed and waves quote unquote. Picking apart. You know one of the better secondaries. It's always funny to hear that matt collins again a guy who couldn't stick with the philadelphia eagles. A lot of us thought was nothing more than a special teams gunner. You know one of those aces. We keep seeing videos of making plays. I mean the chicago bears a beat writer now quote unquote. I'm sorry i don't have his name but just to hear that mac collins is a problem at camp. That's huge man. That's mega zoro. Type stuff max. Big moments hollins if he makes the roster. I wouldn't be surprised. Justice is the guy that they signed to extension this off season. I as i've said can't begin. I put my money on the guys they signed this year. The guy's they signed early in infrequency. Josh we've talked about to a let's flip it over one time and on the defense exhibiting howard's back on the field. Apparently he's looking great out there. He added interception taken back due to a penalty. Womp on but that's by practice you get those executives system. How great is it to note that the best quarterback in the afc east one of the best quarterbacks in the entire national football league is back out there at student what he does catching goes interceptions. Ed giving the reporters basically something to tweet about. Every single breaks yet. I mean you gotta love to see it. And i jake. Did you see the video of him. Going around social media were. He actually owns like an icy shop. Have have you seen that because it is. It is absolutely amazing. Apparently side hustle is that he legit owns an icy shop. I don't think it's in south florida. Whatever it is. I mean you just see so much of exurban howard's personality gu's now this video so definitely check that out if you haven't already but i mean it's just a little bit of a relief right. I mean we sat here. We wonder what i say a little bit of relief. It's usually. it's a huge relief. I mean the guy you're all pro. Shutdown cornerback out there. I mean that's one position you know that just completely changes the dynamic that defense. We said what it would do if he wasn't a lineup. I mean just know these out. They're going out there making interceptions doing what he's done. Yes it sucks. It wasn't against allen robinson. But you know he's still going out there making plays and you just. It's what you're hearing about this defense. I mean a lot of skeptics out there continue say no. The dolphins defense got to take a step back this year they had. This may turn overs day. They had all these things down the right way. Most of that is true. But you know exerting howard is going to go out there and he's going to get his. We hear giovane holland. I think like you said what was it. Four and five practices or something. I mean this guy is all over the place and again without exerting howard not lineup this secondary look mighty different so for me jake. Go check out that icy video. I but i mean to have your legit your best player on the roster back out there..

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