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With Kevin cirilli. And he's joined right now that Bloomberg government's Greg Jerusalem for an update on some key races. Kevin, thanks, David polls, just closing in North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia. Gregg, West Virginia. This is a state that President Donald Trump carried by forty percentage points. I mean, Senator Joe Manchin gonna be able to hang on. He very well may here's a very independent voting record a very independent imaging this state. Has you mentioned sixty nine percent for Donald Trump. There is no democratic Senator defending a state tonight. This from a more pro-trump state. He backed judge Cavanaugh. He's also very much against Republicans are trying to healthcare. So it kind of seems like this is working out in his favor. No, yeah. He's definitely walk a tight rope in West Virginia. He voted against the Republican healthcare replacement voted against the Republican tax cut law. He's also kind of emphasized very state specific things like coal miners pension. No one I talked to my sources they say that the president really has his eye on Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly in a state the democratic incumbent against Mike von this is a state the president carried by twenty points. But is are Republicans going to be able to pick off your Donnelly? Very well may Donnelly had the advantage twenty twelve well so far early return show that Mike Brown Republican nominees doing well in the early returns in southern Indiana. That's his base though. Joe Donnelly's from the south bend. You wanna see where the votes come from there? And also the very populous, Indianapolis suburbs. Kentucky six we've talked about this. This is the battle ground zero of President Trump's trade policies. Mcgrath democrat fighter pilot against Republican. Incumbent Andy Barr. Why is this race? Suddenly so competitive it's so competitive because Amy McGrath has a very good image as a former navy. I'm sorry, former marine fighter pilot. She's raised several million dollars over seven million dollars. One of the best friend candidates in the United States right now that raises yoyoing back and forth. The as we expected. Amy McGrath is doing well in the democratic areas like Fayette county, and Franklin county which include Lexington and Frankfort the state capital. The question remains if any bars strong enough in the rural precincts to pull out the victory. Three percent of the precincts reporting. She has the slight lead right now at fifty two percent to forty seven percent. Then we head down to the suburbs of Virginia. Virginia congressional district seven. I mean Abigail span burger has really made this quite interesting Odense congressman Dave brat, who we all remember defeated Eric cantor several years ago, and now suddenly is being portrayed the DC insider. That's right. It's really astonishing at this race has become a battleground because four years ago. Dave brat beat Eric cantor in a district that is used to. Be Republican stronghold. So it's pretty stunning that this race is among the most competitive in the nation's are the types of voters that Democrats need to win the suburbs. In order to get back the majority. No, that's right. I'm watching a lot of well educated. Well, high income suburbs like Virginia's seventh district like Virginia's tenth district before report later tonight and the variety there is a smattering of districts around the country watching very closely with that sort of demographic Democrats safe back. This will be the first time since nineteen seventy-one Democrats would be able to take back nineteen seventy-one. You've got to go back and crunch numbers on the pretty things. I know I will have much more than I did. Okay. Many thanks to Kevin into Greg. Check back with them throughout the evening. We have some breaking news right now. A redhead crossing.

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