John Birch Society, Mike Pence, Wishart discussed on Up Front with Chris Citorik


Wishart your take your would great theater sometimes i feel like it's best to dislodge them go away well yeah i mean but you know he just a john birch society still just grow about about the health care and what the republicans have put forth i i was sure many them would save their christians i wonder how many have ever heard of will good samaritan certainly this bill doesn't include out in just quickly over the samaritan found this man who had been injured on the side of the road it widened to one in the hospitals back of at day and said i'm going on a trip is the money if it's not enough i'll see you on the way back i mean that was jeez parable of of how we should handle uh people who are in distress i mean it it's thing even if you take the religious site out of it it just seems to be in such an obvious a perspective here that we've reached an age where we have plenty as a country and there's no reason that anyone in this country should not be able to provide themselves and their families with basic health care with medicine and not have to worry about still being able to afford food on the table well i i brought the ruling this aspect in purposely bright many republicans many mike pence is the the shining example imode christian conservative and republican in that order who set out ballot arms now but adding his wallet super she whatever it is you'll christianity.

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