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Times I give advice and opinion based on evidence based scientific information here's that he respects it he gets opinions from a variety of other people but in no way in my experience over the last several months has there been any confrontational relationship between us and the press will pay zero attention to that the the the media will not give it any type of regard at all rather well here just more of this from people like the center comelec Harris Donald Trump is attempting to suppress the work and the word of public health professionals and this is after a long line of activities by him that have been about a failure of leadership from rejecting the seriousness of it calling it a hoax to trying to muzzle the the the voices of hammering saying that senator Kamel Harris just said there is a lie and it's okay to call Kamel Harris a liar but he said on MSNBC an MSNBC did not say well done of that is true they just it's just it's allowed to be said just it's the same conversation you heard doctor Fauci saying it's not a confrontational relationship he gives his opinion that's his job and so do other people Tom Harris says he's being muzzled he says he gives his opinion we're not supposed to listen to doctor found here that we are supposed to listen to Dr Patty but media is not listen to Dr Fauci they're utilizing thou G. when they want to and I'm not the doctor about she is perfect by the way but they utilize them when they want to I'm listening to everything he says and so are you CNN clearly could have said that people feel it's very important and I don't think they would've been wrong in that Gallup poll that's different than needed the Gallup poll also refers to normal activities CNN referred to it as normal life all of this is about a narrative all this is about selling the story feeding your fable telling a tale and that's how it is built on the idea that they have to be trump anyway possible by all means necessary and that the ends justify the means can't have a press corps like that so yes it's okay to say the media is failing and that other members of the media don't say it well shame on them Matt bear has traffic on the five what's his phone is seven years northward up to four sixty five we are just about done as I understand it all these bound lanes are scheduled to reopen tonight after evening rush hour so that's you know when they're gonna start pulling over the rams and the lanes and everything should be good to go for rush hour tomorrow morning course these things can change in minutes roadworks everything just kind of you know and not the I.

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