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Next on many of these same CBS sports radio stations. Joe you get you through the evening with all the football going on as well. And it's probably never too early to talk horses with with Jodie. I always I I mean, I listened to Jodi one midnight a car and all the time anyway, but. But you know, when it comes to the horse game. There are few better than Jody MAC. I always listen for those picks come triple crown time. And now that I'm. Near or really working in a state that has legalized sports betting. Not that you couldn't bet on the horses before. But now, it's really front of mine. I mean, hell I'm done telling you the line is the game's going on on the colts and where they're out on the money line. Even though they were down fourteen nothing. Let's get back to the phones. Eight five five two four CBS Ronnie is in DC Ronnie, thanks for hanging. You're next on the gresh show on CBS sports radio. Thank you, really. Appreciate it. I I just want to push back on this whole outlook. Disclaimer, I'm not a patriots fan. Born and raised in Orleans Saints fan, but. This people talk about the game. Like, it was such a big deal teams that year, but football by placing them near space. But that was the game between the Vikings and the Panthers I believe it was a few weeks before the playoffs started. And all the VP of officiating. Did was come down and say, I informed the teams that hey, you can't do this. Hey, you can't manipulate the air pressure and footballs. You can't relate the temperature or anything like that. It was no big deal. I don't understand this fixation on why Brady and the New England Patriots. And Bill Belichick have a target on their back every time they do something. It's it's just it's mind blowing. And really, it's I think it's quite disingenuous. I think it's actually undermine seeing Hegarty of the game two teams unequally to be honest and to the NFL to like you keep saying multibillion dollar potentially twenty billion dollar industry and a few years. It just doesn't make sense that. They would honest one team one way for doing something another team in another matter. I don't get it. It doesn't make sense. And I love hearing a thought Ronnie, thank you, man. Look, it's as simple as the transparency from the commissionership. I think in Ronnie makes a good point there stuff that isn't a big deal in the year that the Deflategate happened. Right. You had Aaron Rogers telling a radio show, I like them over inflated. Okay. How would he know that unless he was doing it bright? So from that end, I look at this. And I think to myself what really matters, and what doesn't. But the purview of the public changes. When the Commissioner makes it a big deal off of what Rani said in terms of heat and balls around space heaters. Do you know what would have happened under Paul Tagliabue on Monday morning, every coach every general manager every owner would have had a note, whether it's a letter sent to them via FedEx or via Email where Paul Tagliabue's would say, here's what we observed over the weekend where reminding you that this is illegal now, everyone is put on notice. And this is why it's a problem. Look the reason Bill Belichick stepped in with spy gate was formed to be honest about it is because Bill Belichick sought he he him. Right. Nobody else in that organization him. He had an interpretation of the rule that he fell. What was different than the way the rule was intended? So he tried to argue semantics and he was dead wrong. And then what happened at the beginning of that year is too wide blew up because there was a memo sent out reminding people not to do it. Well, Bill bell, check arrogantly embrace Inle thought even though that was sent out that he still had an interpretation of the rule that if there was ever an issue. He would be able to argue it any couldn't and it was wrong. And by the way, they took away a first round pick. But see, here's the here's the part. That's really interesting about that. It ends up happening in Denver a couple years later and. If the NFL had a brain in their head. If you go back, and you remember that whole spy gate year. They had San Francisco's.

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